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Community Update – May 2019

Community Update – May 2019

Community Update May 2019Association board members are tasked with acting in the best interest of their communities while also upholding the parameters set forth in their association’s governing documents. These documents are the cornerstone of association operations and often dictate everything from member rule enforcement to protocol for removing a delinquent officer.

This month’s featured article, “Premises Liability for Failure to Enforce,” examines two recent cases that involved claims against associations for failure to enforce the rules and restrictions in their governing documents. Associations should take note so as not to find themselves in a similar position.

Our second article, “What Can a Board Do about a Rude Officer or Director,” explores what options are available to boards when seeking to remove an association president, vice president, treasurer, or secretary.

It’s typically best to err on the side of caution and seek membership approval prior to making any material alterations. Learn why in, “Does This Alteration to the Condominium Require Membership Approval?”

Lastly, is your community ripe for a reality show spinoff? “Reality TV and Community Associations,” discusses why boards should think twice before signing any contracts.

Don’t miss our new Spanish feature! Learn more, subscribe, and read this month’s featured article, “Peticiones Falsas.”

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