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Community Update – November 2019

Community Update – November 2019

Community UpdateAs we prepare for the holidays and other year-end festivities, associations are also beginning to look ahead to the needs and demands of the coming year. This month’s edition explores some of the issues that associations may encounter from time to time and discusses best practices for putting your community’s best foot forward.

If your association is taking the time to thoughtfully create a name and logo, it only makes sense to protect that investment. This month’s featured article, “Why Should Your Community Consider Trademarking Its Name and Logo?”addresses this issue.

Does an owner signing a secret ballot invalidate their vote? Find out in, “Are Signed Condominium Election Ballots Valid?”

Have you had a poor experience with a vendor and now want to sound the horn so others don’t fall victim to same? Our third article, may give you pause. Learn how your association can protect itself from a defamation claim, in “Say What?”

Read our fourth article, “The Use of a Power of Attorney to Document at Association Meetings and Elections,” for an explanation of the limitations of a POA.

As a board member, you may be using your personal phone to conduct association business. But, did you know that in the event of a lawsuit you may be required to turn over your phone for e-discovery – meaning in addition to business information, your personal information could be exposed as well? Read our last article, “Dos and Don’ts for HOA Board Members When It Comes to E-Discovery,” for tips on how to protect your personal information.