Community Update – September 2018

Community Update – September 2018

community-update-september-2018Of course it doesn’t feel like it in Florida but autumn is officially here, which means before you know it breathing outdoors will be possible again. This of course means more and more comfortable time outdoors, more residents back to living in your association and with it all – more risk. That’s why in this issue we take a look at some areas where you as an association board member or manager can mitigate the legal risk inherent in such on-site amenities as swimming pools, golf courses and even general repairs and enhancements.

Our first article, Those Pesky Little White Balls, addresses the extent of liability a community association faces as a result of errant shots. We know, YOU always shoot straight, but you may be surprised at the amount of case law covering this issue.

Just how risky is it for an owner to rent out their unit? Our article Are HOA Owners “Grandfathered” In from New Rental Restrictions? lays it all out.

There’s also risk involved if your community is planning repairs or improvements and you don’t get government approval. Managing Government Approval for Community Repairs and Improvements spells it out for you.

Charging the Way: New Law Opens the Door for Electric Charging Stations in Condominiums discusses a recent amendment to Florida’s Condominium Act that lays out unit owners’ rights if they want to install an electric vehicle charging station.

When it comes to risk we all know the complexities around maintaining a swimming pool. But what about the very specific case where owners are hiring instructors to provide private swimming lessons in the community pool? Swimming Lessons in the Community Pool – What’s the Risk? discusses the issues an association should consider.

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