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“The Threshold Question On Threshold Inspections: To Whom Does The Threshold Inspector Owe A Duty?” – ActionLine

The position of threshold inspector 1 has its origin in the March 27, 1981 collapse of the then under construction, Harbour Cay Condominium building in Cocoa Beach, Florida. On that day, the five-story flat-plate reinforced concrete building collapsed as concrete was being placed for the roof slab. 2 Eleven workers were killed and twenty-three were […]

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“Expanding the Professional Liability of Architects and Engineers to Contractors” – ActionLine

More than 45 years ago, the Florida Supreme Court established in A.R. Moyer v. Graham that an architect can be liable to a contractor who is impacted by the architect’s negligence. A.R. Moyer established the potential for liability even without contractual privity between the architect and the contractor. Opinions that have directly applied A.R. Moyer […]

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“Q&A Interview with Lee Weintraub,” ActionLine

Q: Lee, how long have you been the chair of the Public-Private Partnership (P3) group at Becker? A: I have practiced in the Fort Lauderdale office of Becker since 1999, where I am the Vice-Chair of the Construction Law and Litigation Practice Group and Chair of the Public/Private Partnerships Practice Group. Since 2013, the year […]

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“Arbitration Clauses In Construction Contracts: Not A One-Size-Fits-All Solution” – ActionLine

The common widsom is that arbitration provides a swift, private and cost-effective path to dispute resolution. Mindful of this widely held view, some construction companies have learned the hard way that arbitration does not always deliver the promised benefits. Too often, the arbitration process turns out to be more costly and time consuming than anticipated. […]

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The Construction Lawyer’s Guide To Chapter 558, Florida Statutes: A Practical Checklist

This checklist will assist counsel when evaluating compliance with Florida’s Construction Defects Statute, Chapter 558, Florida Statutes (“FCDS”). These issues arise frequently and must always be considered when claims for defective design/construction are pursued and defended. First conceived in 2003, the FCDS has undergone several revisions and constantly poses new legal challenges for property owners, […]

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