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CALL Alert: HonestESA Initiative Starts Now!

As previously reported by CALL, two bills are making their way through committee in the Florida House and Senate. House Bill 209, sponsored by Representative Killebrew and Senate Bill 1084 sponsored by Senator Diaz, aim to protect disabled Floridians and curb some abuses related to emotional support animals (“ESAs”). Growing frustration over perceived illegitimate ESA […]

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Learn to Use all of the Tools on the CALL Website

As we usher in the New Year, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the features and benefits of the Community Association Leadership Lobby (CALL) website. We hope that throughout 2020 you will find our updates on proposed legislation educational, but more than that we hope that the tools and resources found […]

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A Brief History of CALL

In the early aughts, high-rise associations throughout Florida were facing the prospect of retrofitting their buildings with sprinkler systems both inside and outside the residential units. The costs, labor, practical hurdles, and aesthetic concerns involved with a state-mandated program of that magnitude created the momentum for a grassroots advocacy initiative like the Community Association Leadership […]

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Proposed Florida Legislation Might Help Stem the Tide of Fraudulent Emotional Support Animal Requests

If there is one topic that unites all types of shared ownership communities regardless of their location, size, or demographics, it is a growing frustration over fraudulent emotional support animal (ESA) requests. Communities throughout Florida have seen their ability to enforce reasonable pet restrictions eviscerated as more residents make dubious claims about needing an ESA.

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Associations Being Threatened with Website Litigation

If your association currently has a website (one you own or one which has been provided to you by your management company) or you are in the planning stages of creating an association website, please read this CALL Alert thoroughly as it contains important information for you. If you don’t have a website, feel free […]

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CALL Summer Survey Series: The Results Are In! (Part 1)

Over the summer, CALL released three surveys to garner opinions on hot-button community association issues such as short-term rentals, Emotional Support Animals, and the role of public adjusters in pursuing association insurance claims. We wanted to hear directly from board members, community managers, and owners about their experiences and sentiments on these important topics.

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Hiring your own Public Adjuster – A Survey and Chance to WIN $100

This survey addressing your past experience with insurance claims and adjusters is the ultimate survey in our summer series for community association owners, board members, and management professionals. Your participation is fundamental to CALL’s efforts to provide real data to your public policymakers when we discuss the impact legislation has on private communities across Florida. […]

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Helpful or Harmful? Emotional Support Animals in Your Community

This survey regarding Emotional Support Animals helps us to gather opinions on a hot button issue for those who live in private residential communities. ESA certificates are currently able to be obtained without the supervision of a doctor, which often leaves neighbors and property managers frustrated. Bill 1128 would require Floridians with an ESA to […]

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Make Your Voice Heard in 2020 Legislative Session

Knowledge is power and this is especially true when it comes to dealing with lawmakers and politicians. A large part of CALL’s mission is to promote positive community association legislation in Florida. Sometimes that means harmful bills need to be substantially modified or defeated altogether. Other times that mission includes seeking bill sponsors for legislative […]

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Airbnb and Your Community – A Survey and Chance to WIN $100

As many of you may know, SB 824 sponsored by Senator Diaz, would have made it much more difficult if not impossible for your private residential community to restrict or prohibit short-term rental activity on internet platforms like Airbnb. While that …

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