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“Someone is Sick: Now What?,” Community Association Management Insider

What do you do when one of your community association members is diagnosed with the coronavirus (COVID-19)? Becker Shareholder Jennifer Horan reminds board members to exercise caution when considering privacy rights of residents, while also being transparent. “I tell my boards in condo associations that they don’t necessarily have the duty to inform the owners […]

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“In the Crosshairs: Can — and Should — Your Clients Regulate Firearm Possession?,” Community Association Management Insider

The issue of gun violence has become increasingly common in news headlines across the country, and in turn, has become a hot button topic of debate within community associations. Shareholder Jay Roberts discusses the options community associations have in dealing with this issue with Community Association Management Inside. Jay notes that while Florida has no […]

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“Associations Confront the Continuing Challenge of Short-Term Rentals,” Community Association Management Insider

Short-term rentals are this season’s hot topic. Many communities are wondering what they can do to overcome the challenge of having things like Airbnbs pop up in their neighborhood. There are ways that homeowners associations can impose regulations and restrictions on short-term rentals, without legislation having to pass. “A majority of my associations have leasing […]

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