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“2022 Community Association Legislation – What Happened?” – FCAP Managers Report

After the Surfside tragedy, everyone wanted to know how such a tragedy could happen and what steps could be taken to avoid similar incidents in the future. What caused the collapse? Could it have been avoided? Why were repairs not made? Why did local governments allow repairs to drag on? Why were repairs not made […]

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“Switching Hats: Can a Lawyer Who Represents an Association also Serve as a Member of the Client’s Board of Directors?” – FCAP Managers Report

The short answer: there is no express prohibition against this, but it’s complicated and not recommended for either the association or the lawyer. There are several ethical issues that arise due to the lawyer’s duties to the entity as its counsel, fiduciary duties to the entity as a director, and the lawyer’s personal self interest […]

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“Board Member Tidbits” – FCAP Managers Report

For this article, I thought I would jump around and discuss various items regarding board members, board meetings and a few association operational issues that keep popping up as questions and issues. Board member certification. Let’s start with the board member certification requirement, which applies to condominiums, homeowner associations and cooperative association board members. Within […]

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“‘Drawing a Line in the Sand’ by Reviving Previously Unenforced Restrictions,” FCAP Managers Report

The previous boards failed to enforce the parking restrictions in the community, and now parking has become a nightmare. The new board would like to remedy the solution, but can the board begin to enforce a restriction that has not been enforced in the past? Generally, the association may lose its right to enforce a […]

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“Attention to Detail,” FCAP Managers Report

Attention to detail. A simple phrase that’s not always so simple to comply with, especially in a community association context. There are several technical provisions in the statutes governing community associations that must be complied with. Chapters 607, 617, 718, 719, and 720, Florida Statutes have numerous requirements that associations must adhere to. A few […]

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“Limited Common Elements: What Are They and Who Is Responsible?,” FCAP Managers Report

Condominiums generally consist of the following two components: 1) the units that are subject to exclusive ownership by one or more persons, and 2) the common elements, which are any areas not included within the unit boundaries. Unit owners, in addition to the exclusive ownership of their units, also own an undivided share in the […]

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“Maintaining Civility in Community Associations,” FCAP Managers Report

This past year has brought out divisiveness and discord at all levels of governance, including community associations. Although emotions always seem to run particularly high, community associations have been filled with neighbors with differing values, preferences, and opinions as to how the association should be run and maintained. Even pre-COVID, association governance could become intensely […]

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“Hurricane Preparation,” FCAP Managers Report

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The six month long hurricane season in South Florida. South Florida has seen an increase in hurricane activity over the past years, and that is expected to continue this year. Let’s look at some ways community associations to prepare for such storms. Information on how to prepare for […]

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“Playing for Keeps – What Rights & Authority Is an HOA Developer (or Successor Developer) Allowed to Keep after Turnover?, FCAP Managers Report

For many Homeowners’ Association (“HOA”) owners and board members, the words “turnover” and “transition” are two of the most anxiously anticipated yet mysterious terms in community association lingo. Often used interchangeably, the phrases generally refer to the period of time (or “triggering event”) in the development of the community at which the developer is required, […]

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“The Ins & Outs of Preparing a Condominium Association Budget,” FCAP Managers Report

In many ways, the managing and operating of a condominium association is akin to operating a business. A primary similarity is the importance of careful and accurate financial planning and budget preparation. The board of directors of an association has fiduciary duties to its members. By paying close attention to the legal and technical requirements […]

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