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“Opinion: Bill Would Benefit Condo Communities by Cutting Down on Support-Animal Fraud,” Miami Herald

Private residential communities currently deal with a plethora of Emotional Support Animal (ESA) requests, however there may be hope on the horizon. Newly filed bill, HB 209, could help grant some relief to those who are trying to fraudulently pass off their furry (or scaly companions), if it passes in the 2020 Florida legislative session. […]

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“For Some Condo Associations, ‘Short-Term Rentals’ Are Dirty Words,” Miami Herald

Short-term rentals are “dirty words” in some condominium, cooperative, and homeowners associations’ vocabularies. A large number of residents and board members believe that platforms like Airbnb will increase crime and nuisances in their communities. Recently, there has been a major push to prohibit these activities altogether. Shareholder Donna DiMaggio Berger has penned an informative article […]

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“Weathering The Storm: A Top 10 List For Condo and HOA Boards,” Miami Herald

As all Floridians know, storm season can be a very hectic time. Preparation for – as well as the aftermath of – storms is stressful. Board members of community associations are hit particularly hard by the nerve-wracking days of hurricane season because not only do they have to worry about themselves, they also have to […]

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Mario J. Bailey Noted in an Article from the Miami Herald

Mario Bailey, senior government relations consultant and 2017 BMe Community Genius Leader, is noted in a Nov. 12 article from the Miami Herald titled “Barbershop philanthropy — for Miami’s black communities, giving starts close to home.” Mario, center, is pictured here with BMe Community cofounder Benjamin Evans (right) and fellow member Jonathan Spike handing […]

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