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“An Association’s Response to Owners Requiring Additional Care” – SFPMA

Some older individuals choose to live out their final years in their personal residences, alone, rather than in nursing homes or assisted-living facilities. Additionally, there are times that other individuals may experience certain mental health issues that make them unable to adequately care for themselves. Associations are often at a loss with how to assist […]

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“Is It a Limited Common Element?” – SFPMA

Most condominium unit owners may think that limited common elements are those areas outside the condominium unit that are part of the common elements, but which are used only by a specific unit owner.  However, the Florida Condominium Act defines “limited common elements” as “those common elements which are reserved for the use of a […]

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“Community Association Boards Completely Overlook the Significance of Who Is Serving as the Association’s Registered Agent.” – SFPMA

Far too many community association boards completely overlook the significance of who is serving as the association’s registered agent. I’ve found associations whose registered agent is a former board member who is either deceased or who has moved away or a former law firm or lawyer who no longer represents the association. Pursuant to Section […]

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