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“Condo Owners, Put Your Masks Back On. COVID Rules Are Returning.” – South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Tens of thousands of people who live in condos in South Florida will have to start wearing masks again and following other restrictions as COVID-19 skyrockets. Despite a brief period of freedom, restrictions are returning to condos as the delta variant makes Florida one of the worst COVID hot spots in the country. Resistance from […]

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“Your Condo Building Still Can Require Masks & Much More” – Sun Sentinel

Written by David Lyons, Sun Sentinel. For more than a year, condo associations had to become COVID-19 traffic cops for hundreds of thousands of Floridians in high-rises and sprawling complexes. They had to enforce the use of masks, social distancing and rules for pools and other public spaces. Now the state of Florida has enforcement […]

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“Fewer Snowbirds Flocking to Florida as COVID-19 Persists,” Sun Sentinel

Travel restrictions, health risks, and reduced amenities have many snowbirds carefully considering their annual migration to Florida communities and RV parks. Becker Shareholder Donna DiMaggio Berger tells the Sun Sentinel that winter residents who do return to the Sunshine State should proactively work with their association to understand and embrace necessary safety measures. “Even the […]

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“Condo Dwellers Give up Some ‘Personal Rights’ Amid Covid-19 Pandemic | Opinion” – Sun-Sentinel

For those living in community associations during the time of COVID, the changes are radical. Not only are condo dwellers expected to abide by federal, state and municipal legislation mandating social distancing, masks and isolation protocols, they must also follow the regulations put into place by their association’s board of directors. While some of the […]

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“How Condo Associations Can Mitigate Damages from Sea-Level Rise” – Sun-Sentinel

Daunting statistics indicate that sea level will continue to rise for centuries, even if greenhouse gas emissions and global warming are sharply reduced. By 2100, sea levels are expected to rise by at least 24 inches. In Florida, the statistics are not encouraging. Miami has the most to lose in terms of financial assets of […]

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“How to stop the erosion of civility in community associations” – Sun Sentinel

Raised voices, reddened faces and angry gestures. You might think you are watching a Congressional hearing on C-SPAN, but you are at your community’s board meeting. The erosion of civility in our society has begun to manifest itself in private residential communities. This comes in many forms, from rudeness and disruptive behavior at meetings, to […]

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Broward to Pay Millions to Hollywood for Affordable Housing

Our Government Law & Lobbying team’s hard work paid off for longtime client City of Hollywood. The team negotiated with Broward County to help secure millions for the city’s affordable housing programs.  Great job by Mayors Beam Furr and Josh Levy and all the many elected officials and staff that truly made this happen. Read […]

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Jeremy Benjamin Shir and Kevin Markow Represent Community Association Clients before City Commission Chamber.

Congratulations to Jeremy Benjamin Shir and Kevin Markow for their “brilliant” work representing community association clients before the Fort Lauderdale City Commission Chamber. Their efforts helped bring major concessions from the building’s developer. Read the full article from the Sun Sentinel here:

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Jeremy Shir and Kevin Markow Get Win for Community Association Clients in Ft. Lauderdale Development Dispute

The Fort Lauderdale City Commission on smart growth postponed a vote last night on the controversial Alexan-Tarpon River tower plan. Becker’s Jeremy Shir and Kevin Markow obtained major design modifications from the developer on behalf of their three condominium association clients that the city commission will now review and vote on the project’s fate on […]

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Why the Florida Legislature Needs to Fix Condo Sprinkler-System Problem

For more than a decade older high-rise condominiums throughout Florida have been discussing, debating, and exercising their legal rights with regard to sprinkler system retrofitting requirements. In 2003, the Florida Legislature responded by allowing each community to vote to opt out of sprinklers inside their units and the right to opt out of installing an […]

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Uber Wants Broward to Meet all its Demands

Uber’s announcement this week that it will suspend operations in Broward County is not surprising. Uber threatened to stop operating in the county several times, both before and after the county passed an amended ordinance governing Uber and other transportation network companies. Uber’s announcement is revealing because the regulations passed by Broward County are not […]

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Broward County Puts Law And Public Safety Ahead Of Uber’s Economic Interests

Last week, Broward County’s commissioners put the interests of the people they serve, the public, ahead of the economic interests of Uber, Lyft and similar transportation providers known as “transportation network companies,” or TNCs. Requirements like registration and licensing of drivers, improved county-­- monitored driver background checks and vehicle inspections, and insurance that complies with […]

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