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Each Florida condo lawyer is a recognized leader in the field. We have helped shape the law for decades, and we use the law to our clients’ advantage.

Condominiums are a critical sector of Florida’s commercial real estate industry. From beach condos along the coast to large, multi-building condominium developments dispersed throughout Central Florida, condos have proven immensely popular among lifetime residents, snowbirds, and retirees.

While people who buy individual units usually do so because of the relative ease that condo ownership affords, developers, associations, and other entities know that bringing individual units to market and successfully managing a condominium is far from easy. Issues can – and frequently do – arise at all stages of the process, and managing these issues effectively is crucial to maintaining a profitable venture. This is a reality with which each Florida condominium lawyer at Becker is intimately familiar.

We Have Represented Condominium Developers and Associations for Nearly 50 Years

Becker attorneys have represented condominium developers and associations in Florida for nearly 50 years. Our community and housing associations practice is among our firm’s strongest foundational pillars, and it holds a significant amount of responsibility for our firm’s statewide reputation today. We have the largest dedicated team of board-certified attorneys in condominium and planned development law in Florida, and we serve clients statewide in matters pertaining to condominium development and management.

Condominium Development

Condominium development is a years-long process that is fraught with potential stumbling blocks. Developers need to have a clear plan and vision, and, to avoid unnecessary costs and delays, they need to have dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s. Even minor oversights can lead to major setbacks, and, in many cases, they can create exposure to litigation risks as well.

We do our part to ensure that condominium developers can complete their projects on time and on budget. Each Florida condo lawyer works closely with their developer clients from pre-planning through post-construction. We help our clients anticipate issues, take proactive measures to sidestep roadblocks, make informed decisions with due consideration for all pertinent legal risks, and protect their legal and financial interests through appropriate means.

Some examples of the areas in which we serve Florida condominium developers include:

  • Planning and Development Strategy – Putting together an executable condominium development strategy is not an easy feat. Our Florida condo lawyers have guided many developers through the planning and strategizing processes, and they use the insights gained from this experience to help the firm’s current clients move forward as expeditiously and cost-effectively as possible.
  • Land Acquisition – We represent condo developers in land acquisition transactions. This includes assisting with site selection, due diligence, financing, contract negotiations, closing, and post-closing matters.
  • Land Use and Zoning – Each Florida condominium lawyer at Becker has significant experience helping developers overcome land use and zoning challenges in local jurisdictions statewide. We have also helped developers obtain entitlements, variances, special exceptions, density bonuses, and tens of millions of dollars in cash incentives.
  • Statutory and Regulatory Compliance – In addition to land use and zoning challenges, condo developers can face a host of other statutory and regulatory compliance issues. Our lawyers are well-versed in all pertinent local, state, and federal sources of authority, and they guide our developer clients through the legal landscape while helping them implement compliance policies and procedures and deal with inspectors as necessary.
  • Construction Management – From evaluating bids and negotiating contracts to dealing with mechanic’s liens and other issues arising during the construction process, we represent condo developers in all aspects of construction management. During construction, our lawyers are often in communication with our clients on a daily basis to help ensure that their projects run as smoothly as possible.
  • Construction Dispute Resolution – Disputes during large-scale construction projects are common, and, in many cases, assessing potential claims and sorting out potential liability can seem like an uphill battle. But, with extensive relevant experience, our lawyers are able to efficiently sort through the issues, evaluate our clients’ options, and take appropriate offensive or defensive action to protect our clients’ interests.
  • Corporate Matters – We also represent condominium developers in general corporate matters. This includes entity formation and governance, debt and equity financing, and other corporate necessities, which we can handle on an ad hoc basis or through our
    in-house counsel program.

Condominium Associations

A significant portion of our community and housing associations practice is devoted to representing and advocating for the interests of condominium associations in Florida. We represent thousands of condo and other community associations, and we have developed proprietary online voting software,, which is used by condo associations statewide. We provide a comprehensive suite of legal services for condominium associations of all sizes. We custom-tailor these services to each client’s needs, and we pair each client with an attorney who serves as the single point of contact for all legal matters.

FAQs: Florida Condominium Law and the Challenges it Presents for Developers

Are there unique aspects to condo development as compared to other types of projects?

Yes. Due to the combination of the nature and scale of condominium development projects, these projects face a number of unique challenges. These challenges range from regulatory hurdles to issues involving construction defects and condo associations. As a result, it is extremely important for condo developers to engage highly-experienced legal counsel. At Becker, we have the experience developers need to move forward with confidence.

Can condo developers expect local authorities to grant exceptions to land use and zoning restrictions?

It depends. While the answer to this question is “yes” in many cases, there are no guarantees. As a result, it is imperative that developers work with their counsel to proactively identify and address any land use or zoning issues that have the potential to interfere with their plans.

Does Becker represent condo developers statewide?

Yes. We represent condo developers throughout Florida. Our firm’s headquarters is in Ft. Lauderdale, and we have a total of 12 offices statewide.

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