Bid Protest

Becker represents contractors of all sizes at the Federal, state and local level in protest litigation challenging or defending contract award decisions. We also represent clients in pre-award protest litigation concerning the terms of solicitations. In addition, we provide advice to local government clients about conducting procurements and minimizing the risk of future protest litigation. Our experienced team of government contracts lawyers have handled bid protests for clients in practically every industry.

The rules for bid protests vary greatly depending on the jurisdiction. Whether an award to your company is the subject of a bid protest or you believe you have grounds to initiate a bid protest, it is important that you contact someone who understands the process. Becker’s attorneys, with their vast experience with the entire public procurement process, can help you defend a bid protest and keep a contract you’ve won or initiate a bid protest to win a contract you thought you lost.

Notable Client Representations:

  • Successfully protested multi-million dollar contract awards by the United States Air Force through the GAO, resulting in corrective actions taken by the Air Force.
  • Procured a Final Summary Judgment on behalf of Premier Parks, LLC in U.S. Southern District Court of Florida, Case No. 15-62218, permanently enjoining the City of Ft. Lauderdale’s performance of a long term lease to a private developer entered into without competitive bidding.
  • At the Palm Beach County School Board, secured and defended a multi- year, multi-million dollar contract for an education services client to provide supplemental academic instructional services, and overcoming a series of challenges at the Fourth District Court of Appeals, Division of Administrative Hearings, and at the School Board level. (DOAH Case No: 14-003232BID)
  • Served as lead counsel on behalf of James A. Cummings, Inc., and successfully defended a challenge to Broward County’s award of a contract for the construction of the new Broward County Courthouse.
  • Served as lead counsel on behalf of Limousines of South Florida, Inc. and successfully defended Collier County’s award of its Management Services Contract for the Collier Area Transit (CAT) Fixed Route and Paratransit Program (“RFP”).
  • Served as lead counsel on behalf of Limousines of South Florida, Inc. and successfully defended Broward County’s award of its contract for Shuttle Bus Service at Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport. (Academy Express, LLC v. Broward County, and Limousines of South Florida, Inc., 53 So.3d 1188 (Fla. 4th DCA 2011).
  • Served as lead counsel on behalf of Dallas 1 Construction & Development, Inc. and successfully protested and assisted with the award of the City of Tampa’s utility maintenance contract.
  • Served as lead counsel on behalf of Severe Incident Recovery Team, LLC and successfully defended the Florida Department of Transportation’s award of its towing and roadside repair contract for a portion of the FloridaTurnpike (DOT RFP NO-08/09-8005-EH).
  • Served as lead counsel on behalf of Vision Marketplace, Inc. and successfully defended the Department of Veteran Affairs’ contract award for the provision of eye glass services to veterans in Broward County, Florida. (GAO File No. B-296231.2; B-296231.3)
  • Served as lead counsel on behalf of Ikon Office Solutions, Inc. and successfully challenged the School Board of Orange County’s proposed contract for networked digital multi-functional devices, which preserved Ikon’s status as the incumbent services provider.