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New Legislation Changes Collections & Foreclosures Process for Florida Community Associations

Recently, the Florida Legislature enacted significant statutory changes that impact community association collections and foreclosure actions. The updates to Chapter 718, Chapter 719 and Chapter 720 of the Florida Statutes go into effect on July 1, 2021 and include requirements regarding: Delivering statements or invoices to association members and how that association must notify members […]

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Becker’s Washington Weekly: June 14, 2021

THE HOUSE This week, the House will consider H.R. 256, which would repeal the 2002 Authorization for the Use of Military Force that sanctioned U.S. military operations in Iraq. The Biden Administration supports the effort. House Committees will also hold numerous hearings: House Financial Services Committee will conduct a hearing on digital currencies; House Education […]

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“Difference Between HOA and CDD Explained,” News-Press

Q: What is the difference between a CDD and an HOA? (R.B., via e-mail) A: A Community Development District, or CDD, is an independent special taxing district created under Chapter 190 of the Florida Statutes. A CDD is a type of government entity, usually created at the request of developers of large tracts of land, […]

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Becker Represents Venus Acquisition Corporation In Multi-Million Dollar Merger

Becker, a multi-practice commercial law firm with attorneys, lobbyists and other professionals at offices throughout the East Coast, successfully guided Venus Acquisition Corporation (“Venus”), a publicly-traded special purpose acquisition company, through merger talks with VIYI Algorithm Inc. (“VIYI Algo”), a Cayman Islands exempted company operating in China and controlled by WiMi Hologram Cloud, Inc. The […]

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“The Membership Poll – The Pros, Cons & Confusion of Taking Membership Surveys,” CAI South Gulf Coast Magazine

The line between what an association’s board can legally do as a matter of law and what the board should do as a matter of good practice and policy is often blurred without any practical guidance available for well-intentioned directors who want to do the very best they can for their community based upon very […]

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“Is Your HOA Gate Opening To Increased Liability?,” CAI South Gulf Coast Magazine

When a community has an entrance gate, it is almost inevitable that the association will at some point deal with the issue of whether it is responsible for damage to a vehicle which occurred when someone was entering or exiting the gate. The primary question to resolve in assessing liability in such a circumstance is […]

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“Responsibility for Tree Branches & Roots,” CAI South Gulf Coast Magazine

Who is responsible for a tree branch that perilously hangs over a neighbor’s house or yard? Who is responsible for tree roots that are damaging a sidewalk or driveway? Florida common law provides that a property owner (owner of the tree) does not owe a duty to remove or trim tree branches or roots or […]

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Becker Named a Top 25 Construction Law Firm by Construction Executive Magazine

Becker’s Construction Law & Litigation practice pushed the firm to the upper ranks of Construction Executive Magazine’s annual Top 50 Construction Law Firms. This national rating system measures and weighs: 2020 revenues from the firm’s construction practice; the number of attorneys in the firm’s construction practice; the percentage of firm’s total revenues derived from its […]

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“Extension of the Mortgage Foreclosure Moratorium,” CAI South Gulf Coast Magazine

Florida ended its statewide protections against COVID-19 pandemic related foreclosures on October 1, 2020. However, the federal government has extended a foreclosure moratorium on the foreclosure of certain mortgages through June 30, 2021. The action was taken shortly after President Biden’s inauguration. Federal protections were due to expire in March of this year. According to […]

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Becker’s Washington Weekly: June 7, 2021

THE HOUSE The House is back from its Memorial Day recess. The House Transportation and Infrastructure (T&I) Committee will consider its INVEST in America Act this Wednesday. Committee Chairman Pete DeFazio (D-OR) has touted that the Bill largely aligns with President Biden’s original infrastructure proposal. The T&I Committee is one of five Congressional committees which […]

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