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Everything You Need to Know About Concrete Restoration Projects with Alessandra Bianchini, of Carousel Development and Restoration Inc.

Everything You Need to Know About Concrete Restoration Projects with Alessandra Bianchini, of Carousel Development and Restoration Inc.

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At some point, every building will require concrete repairs and restoration. If you’ve ever undertaken a concrete restoration project, you’re aware of the many challenges they entail:  substantial costs, lengthy time delays, irritation over hurricane shutters, windows and doors, uncooperative owners and the potential for incidental damage. Host Donna DiMaggio Berger sheds light on these projects with guest Alessandra Bianchini, Vice President and General Counsel of Carousel Development and Restoration Inc.  Alessandra is the fourth generation of her family to be in the construction industry, and in this episode of Take It To The Board, she does a deep dive into how contractors typically handle these large projects and what your community can expect from start to finish on a concrete restoration.

Their conversation on balcony restoration gets down to brass tacks on every front—from the necessity of removing every last tile to address spalling, to the legal hurdles faced when trying to gain access to units. They also tackle worker safety measures, the importance of expert counsel, and offer advice for associations gearing up for significant inspections. As Donna and Alessandra reveal, it’s not just about finding the right team; it’s about peace of mind. Join them for a conversation that could provide valuable insights for your community’s next major restoration endeavor.

Donna and Alessandra also discuss how increasingly violent weather patterns and climate change can impact the maintenance needs and structural integrity of concrete buildings and also unpack the importance of clear, consistent communication and detailed planning when undertaking concrete repairs in an occupied building. They share best practices for ensuring minimal disruption while keeping association residents in the loop and (mostly) happy during these vital projects.

Conversation highlights include:

  • Best practices for work crews doing concrete repair and restoration in occupied buildings
  • What causes concrete to deteriorate and how long that process typically takes
  • Best practices for re-installing tile or other coverings on balconies, post-concrete restoration
  • The point at which a building is no longer a candidate for restoration
  • Impact of climate change on the structural integrity of buildings
  • Trends and innovations in concrete restoration technology and techniques

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