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Tennis Courts – Executive Order 147

On May 18 Governor Murphy’s Executive Order #147 (“EO”) was published. The order, among other matters, permits the opening of private “tennis clubs” subject to compliance with various regulations. Our Community Association Practice Group has reviewed these regulations and it is our opinion that association boards need to take the following into consideration before opening […]

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Questions Potential Buyers Should Consider When Buying an Investment Property During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Spring is traditionally the hottest time of the year for real estate.  Inventory typically spikes as many sellers put their properties for sale.  Buyers enter the market knowing that inventory is increasing. But that has changed some this year with the coronavirus in full effect.  The economy came to a stop with numerous “stay at […]

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“Top 10 Mistakes Contractors Make by Growing Too Quickly,” Construction Executive

Leading into the COVID-19 crisis, the economy was booming—and it will again when we emerge from the pandemic. Although construction companies lead the charge during boom economies, failure to plan for growth can have disastrous consequences. Here are the top 10 mistakes contracting firms make by growing without deliberate planning. Disorganized Accounting Develop a system […]

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NYS Court of Appeals Amends Its Rules of Practice

As part of the New York Appellate Courts’ continuing efforts to re-open and address the challenges posed by the COVID-19 global pandemic, the New York State Court of Appeals has amended its Rules of Practice regarding Rule 500.10 jurisdictional inquiries as well as motions for leave to appeal and reargument. These amendments are deemed effective […]

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“Occupancy Restrictions and the FHA,” FLCAJ

Many Associations’ Declarations contain occupancy restrictions relating to the number of bedrooms in a home or unit. The standard provision reads two person per bedroom are permitted in a unit or home. However, does this occupancy restriction violates the federal and/or Florida Fair Housing Acts (“FHA”)? The short answer is, it depends. Fair Housing Acts […]

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“Condo Dwellers Give up Some ‘Personal Rights’ Amid Covid-19 Pandemic | Opinion,” Sun-Sentinel

For those living in community associations during the time of COVID, the changes are radical. Not only are condo dwellers expected to abide by federal, state and municipal legislation mandating social distancing, masks and isolation protocols, they must also follow the regulations put into place by their association’s board of directors. While some of the […]

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