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“Board Workshop Meeting Subject to Sunshine Rules,” News-Press

Q: What are the requirements for a condominium association board to hold a “workshop” meeting? Is the association still required to post notice if there is a quorum of the directors present? What if there is not a quorum present? Are minutes required? (M.M., via e-mail) A: A “board meeting” is defined as any gathering […]

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“Planning For A Possible Increase in Delinquencies as a Result of the Pandemic,” Community Trends Magazine

The coronavirus pandemic has been with us for approximately one year and among many unanswered questions is the potential future impact on the ability of community associations to collect monthly maintenance fees. While the majority of communities have not seen a significant increase in delinquencies as a result of the pandemic, there remains concern that […]

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“What It Means To Me To Have Served In The Military,” Community Living

In 1975 I joined the military as a 17-year-old right out of high school. I always wanted to be in the military and felt everyone should serve this great country of ours in one way or another. I served three years as an enlisted man, then received my officer’s commission through the ROTC program. I […]

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“Condominium Association Elections – The Who, What, When, & Where,” FCAP Managers Report

Your condominium association elections for your Board of Directors are governed by the Florida Condominium Act (Chapter 718 of the Florida Statutes), and Rule 61B-23.0021 of the Florida Administrative Code. Your association governing documents may also contain requirements for your election. Generally, these requirements are contained in the association’s By-Laws. With this in mind, there […]

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“Homeowner Association Confusion & Frequently Asked Questions,” FLCAJ Magazine

Although the term community association encompasses different types of community associations, in Florida, the two predominant forms of community associations are homeowners associations and condominium associations. There are vast differences but also numerous similarities between the two. Unfortunately, this can cause confusion when owners, directors, and/or managers assume the two are the same. Simply put, […]

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“Delinquent Owners Can’t Serve on Board,” News-Press

Q: Our condominium association’s bylaws provide that for an owner to be qualified to serve on the board, he or she cannot be delinquent more than 30 days. Our manager says the state statute says 90 days and supersedes our bylaws. Do our bylaws or the statute control? (R.G., via e-mail) A: The controlling authority […]

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“Condominium Unit Combination Raises Concerns,” News-Press

Q: The board of directors for my condominium association recently approved allowing an owner to remove the wall separating two adjacent units and to reconfigure the two units into one. Doesn’t this change the number of units in the condominium, thus, affecting everyone’s rights including what percentage of assessments we pay? (G.F., via e-mail) A: […]

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“USA: Employment & Labour Law and Regulation 2021,” International Comparative Legal Guide

In the latest edition of ICLG’s global Employment & Labour Law 2021, Ned Bassen and Catelyn Stark offer practical insight into the USA’s laws governing how companies can safeguard their business and its greatest asset – the people it employs. The chapter covers several segments of employment law, answering questions regarding: Terms & Conditions of […]

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“Community Association Q&A: Improper Closed Board Meeting?” Naples Daily News

Q: My entire condominium board met in a closed session to conduct an annual review for the employees. I requested the right to attend these reviews as I wanted to speak favorably on behalf of one of the employees. My request was denied. Did I have the legal right to attend? D.T. A: No. A […]

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“Lowest Bidder Need Not Be Hired,” News-Press

Q: My homeowners’ association recently put out bids for repaving of our roads and hired the lowest bidder. Is this legal? (J.M., via e-mail) A: Both the Florida Homeowners’ Association Act and the Florida Condominium Act require associations to obtain competitive bids for certain contracts. Section 720.3055 of the Homeowners’ Association Act states that any […]

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