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“Do US Universities Need Further Education in P3?,” Proximo Magazine

U.S. university public-private partnerships, known as P3s, have surged in popularity in the last decade. However budgetary pressures from the 2008 recession eroded state funding for U.S. public universities. Becker Shareholder Lee Weintraub, a leader in the field of P3s, shared, “The Great Recession caused funding for public universities to take a dive and they […]

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“Don’t Forget Reserves!,” FLCAJ

As budgeting season approaches, community associations must once again grapple with the continuing issues of reserves. Under ordinary circumstances, reserve funding increases the amount owners need to contribute to the association every month, since reserves are required above and beyond the association’s operating expenses. In light of the recent economic changes, reserves may be something […]

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“Community Association Boards Completely Overlook the Significance of Who Is Serving as the Association’s Registered Agent.,” SFPMA

Far too many community association boards completely overlook the significance of who is serving as the association’s registered agent. I’ve found associations whose registered agent is a former board member who is either deceased or who has moved away or a former law firm or lawyer who no longer represents the association. Pursuant to Section […]

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“Law Change for “55 and Over” Communities,” News-Press

Q: We heard a rumor that our “55+ Park” is no longer required to register with the state. Is this true? (D.R., via e-mail) A: Yes. Effective July 1, 2020, Section 760.29(4) of Florida Statutes was amended to delete the requirement that “housing for older persons communities,” often called “55 and over communities” register with […]

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“Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride,” FCAP Managers Report

“Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride: Practical Considerations for Condominium Boards Regulating Electric Vehicle Charging Stations” On July 10, 2020, Governor Ron DeSantis announced over $8 million of the state’s budget this year will be dedicated to strengthening Florida’s electric vehicle infrastructure. The intent of what Gov. DeSantis described as a “long-term investment” is to […]

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“Leaders of the Industry,” FLCAJ

Becker Shareholder Kenneth S. Direktor has been recognized by FLCAJ Magazine as a leader in the community association industry. “Kenneth S. Direktor serves as Chair of Becker’s Community Association Practice—a group comprised of 50-plus attorneys throughout Florida and New Jersey. Ken focuses his practice on the representation of condominium, homeowners and cooperative associations, and country […]

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“Lessons We’re Learning from COVID-19,” FLCAJ

The COVID-19 pandemic has rewritten the operational script for many industries, including the community association industry. As with most of life’s challenges, we are acquiring take-away lessons that will help us adapt even more quickly the next time a curveball heads our way. The following lessons our boards, residents, and managers have learned over the […]

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