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“Backyard Clothesline Causes Flap,” News-Press

Q: There is an ongoing dispute in my homeowners’ association concerning the installation of clotheslines that we are hoping you can resolve. Some owners have stated that they are entitled to install clotheslines on their lots without regulation by the association. The board of directors has stated that while clotheslines may be installed, they may […]

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“Budgets,” FCAP Managers Report

With budget season approaching, Florida community associations must consider their capital expenditures and long-term maintenance needs. Community associations set aside a portion of their budgets for capital expenses and deferred maintenance, frequently referred to as “reserves.” The reserves are for expenses that do not occur on a regular basis and reserves are designed to ensure […]

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“Transition Committee and Construction Defect Claims,” Naples Daily News

Q: My new condominium will soon be turning over from the developer. I am a unit owner and have been selected to serve on the transition committee, which has been primarily tasked with determining whether the developer has any obligation to make building repairs, etc. What are some things the transition committee should be thinking […]

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“Community Association Law Headed in the Right Direction,” FLCAJ

Over the years, there have been a number of advents in Florida community association law toward allowing technology to facilitate the operation of community associations. For many years, board members were able to call in to board meetings and attend and vote, so long as speaker phones were available at the meeting site for members […]

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“Board’s Pandemic Restrictions Questioned,” News-Press

Q: Because of COVID-19, our homeowners’ association has prohibited guest use of our pool and fitness center. This has precluded third-party led fitness classes, even if the classes are offered outdoors. Instead, the association is allowing member-led fitness classes outdoors, like aqua aerobics and yoga, on the common areas. Is it permissible to allow members […]

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“Fuzzy Government Rules Leave Condo Boards in Coronavirus Quandary,” Miami Herald

The COVID-19 pandemic has rewritten the operational script for many industries, including the community association industry. As with most of life’s challenges, we are acquiring take-away lessons that will help us adapt even more quickly the next time a curve ball heads our way. The lessons our boards, residents and managers have learned over the […]

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“Association May Keep Unit Keys,” News-Press

Q: My condominium association has the digital key-code to my unit but is still insisting on having a physical key. Is the law specific on how I have granted them access to my unit? (D.L., via e-mail)

A: Section 718.111(5)(a) of the Florida Condominium Act provides that the association has the irrevocable right of access to each unit during reasonable h

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