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“Association Cannot Edit Candidate Resumes,” News-Press

Q: For our condominium association’s upcoming election, the blank candidate information sheet provided by the management company has a signature and date line at the bottom. Is it required that candidates running for the board of directors to sign the candidate information sheet form after what they have written about themselves? (S.G., via e-mail) A: […]

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“SEC Amendments Promise Help for Early Stage Companies,” Financier Worldwide

For early stage and emerging growth companies, maintaining a steady flow of capital determines the difference between existence and extinction. Veteran securities lawyer Robert C. Brighton Jr. takes a close look at the latest SEC amendments which provide new opportunities for early stage companies to raise capital. His examination covers the expanded definition of an […]

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“Community Association Q&A: Access to Minutes, Violation Letters?” Naples Daily News

Q: There are numerous parking violations and pet violations occurring in my condominium community. I don’t believe the board and manager are taking proper enforcement actions. Are owners entitled to review board meeting minutes to see what, if anything, is being done to address these ongoing violations? Am I entitled to copies of any demand […]

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“E-Mail Inspection Rights Questioned,” News-Press

Q: A member of our homeowners’ association board shared a few e-mails that were sent between board members. In these e-mails, the board members discussed association business, individual homeowners, and how they planned to handle certain decisions. Are these e-mails considered public information? What is the best way for homeowners to obtain these e-mails? (T.K., […]

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IN THE MEDIA: Jennifer Horan

Jennifer Horan has spent over twelve years addressing and resolving a myriad of issues facing community, condo, and homeowners’ associations. Below is a collection of her insights regarding association board roles and responsibilities, managing disputes, COVID-19 health and safety protocols and enforcement, and more. BOARD ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES What to Know About Spouses Running for […]

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“What to Do About Trump’s Tax Cuts,” Divided We Fall

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 One of President Joe Biden’s core campaign promises was to roll back the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) passed during the Trump Administration. Biden and other Democrats have criticized the law as a tax giveaway for rich households and corporations, ballooning the national deficit. […]

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“Authority of Board President Questioned,” News-Press

Q: An issue has come up in my condominium association regarding the role of the association president. Some members, including the current president, feel that the president of the association has the authority to take any action on behalf of the association without the consent of the rest of the board. Is this correct? (M.U., […]

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“Hotel Condominium Units – What Are You Buying?,” Wealth Management Magazine

When teaching contract law to my undergraduate students at Florida International University, I always begin with a question: “How many of you sign a contract without reading it?” A simple question and one would think that everyone reads before they sign. But no. Mostly everyone signs without reading, whether a credit card agreement, apartment lease, […]

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“Projects in Mind for the New Year?” FLCAJ Magazine

For many, 2020 felt like it was a giant pause button in an otherwise whirlwind of activity. Due to health and safety concerns related to COVID-19, many planned repairs and/or replacement projects were postponed. As the new year starts off, communities may begin to look at starting these projects anew. If your community is one […]

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“Why Am I Being Deposed?,” The New Jersey Cooperator

The unit owners in your condominium have been noticed for deposition in the pending transition litigation. Now they have come to you, the property management team, with questions. What should they expect at the deposition? What kinds of questions can they be asked? Did they do something wrong? Will they have to testify at trial? […]

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