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“How much can be charged in transfer fees?” Naples Daily News

Q: How much can a condominium association charge to review and approve a lease application received from a proposed annual renter?  Can the same fee be charged for a seasonal renter? G.F. A: Section 718.112(2)(i) of the Condominium Act states that no transfer fee shall be made by an association or its agent (e.g. management company) in connection […]

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“Hurricane Shutters Can Be Regulated,” News-Press

Q: I understood that Florida law permitted a unit owner in a condominium to install hurricane shutters to protect their unit. I was recently told by my association that only a specific type of shutter could be installed and that any other type of shutter was prohibited including putting plywood over my windows. Can the […]

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“Reduce the Stress of Election Season,” FLCAJ

As Floridians begin to see the proverbial light at the end of the summer heat wave tunnel, the specter of election season begins to rise over community association managers and boards of directors. As most community associations hold their annual meetings, elections, and budget meetings toward the end of the calendar year, it is important […]

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“Water Bills Can Be Split Equally,” News-Press

Q: I recently purchased a condominium unit and discovered that the water bill is paid for by the association for the entire community as part of our assessments. This seems unfair because many of the owners like ourselves only stay in the unit a few months out of the year, while other units are occupied […]

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“For Some Condo Associations, ‘Short-Term Rentals’ Are Dirty Words,” Miami Herald

Short-term rentals are “dirty words” in some condominium, cooperative, and homeowners associations’ vocabularies. A large number of residents and board members believe that platforms like Airbnb will increase crime and nuisances in their communities. Recently, there has been a major push to prohibit these activities altogether. Shareholder Donna DiMaggio Berger has penned an informative article […]

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Websites Regulated by Statute for Larger Associations

Q: We are in the process of moving our condominium association’s existing website and all the information thereon to a new platform. Can the condominium documents be posted to the main homepage or do they have to be posted in a password-protected sub-page of the website? (R.M., via e-mail) A: Whether or not your condominium […]

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Mi Voto Cuenta.

Imagínese que usted acaba de comprar su primera casa en una comunidad de condominios e inmediatamente solicita en la oficina de la asociación una copia de la reunión prevista de la Directiva. Usted quiere asistir y participar – usted quiere que su voz se escuche. De inmediato descubre que la Directiva está votando para nuevas disposiciones de la asociac

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“Who Said What?” Board Officers Should be Careful how They Handle Their Official vs. Personal Communications to Members – Part I

There is no doubt that technology has significantly improved the way communities and neighbors interact and communicate with one another. The sheer number of social media applications and web-based platforms available to individuals and community associations make it easy for information (and misinformation) to be disseminated quickly among hundreds, i

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Why Community Associations Should Check Their Zoning and Entitlement History

Zoning laws are enacted by villages, towns, cities, or counties to control the types of uses and the parking ratio, intensity, density, and dimensions of those uses. This is for the purpose of preserving property values, managing growth, preserving the character of a community, facilitating the adequate provision of transportation, and promoting public health and […]

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