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“Being Recalled Does Not Prohibit Future Service On Board,” News-Press

Q: A group of owners in my condominium association are considering recalling certain members of our board of directors. However, a question has arisen as to how long a recalled person is barred from serving on the Board. (B.K., via e-mail) A:  Section 718.112(2)(j) of the Florida Condominium Act states that the unit owners are […]

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“Flags Governed By Statute,” News-Press

Q: An issue has arisen in my homeowners’ association concerning what flags are permitted to be flown by homeowners. Certain owners have begun flying historic versions of the American flag stating that they are allowed to do so under the law. Can you give some guidance on this issue? (M.H., via e-mail) A: Section 720.304(2)(a) […]

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“Transfer Approval Fees Restricted By Law,” News-Press

  Q:  My condominium association states that under Florida Statute 718.112 they can charge a fee when someone is buying a condominium of $100.00 per applicant. They call it a transfer fee, yet in reading the statute one cannot charge husband/wife and parent/dependent child as two separate people. They said that they have every right […]

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Leftover Funds Must Be Returned or Credited

Q: Our association levied a special assessment after Hurricane Irma for cleaning up our property and repairing some minor damage to the buildings. The damages were not bad enough to reach our insurance deductible. The board ended up spending quite a bit less than they assessed for, and decided to put the left over money […]

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Kathleen Berkey Honored as a Finalist for the 2019 APEX Awards

Shareholder Kathleen O. Berkey was honored as a finalist for the 2019 APEX Awards on Wednesday at the Crowne Plaza Fort Myers at Bell Tower Shops. The Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce’s Women in Business Committee presents the award to Lee County residents who excel in professional achievement, community service/philanthropy, mentoring and leadership. The […]

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New Law Puts Phony Service Dog Owners on Notice

A new law passed by the Florida Legislature takes the first tentative steps toward making it easier for business owners and airlines to keep phony service animals out of restaurants, away from condo swimming pools and off commercial airline flights unless they’re actually certified by the state. It’s the latest battle in a long war between pet […]

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