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“Manager Not Legally Required,” News-Press

Q: The board of my association is considering terminating our management company’s contract and managing the association themselves. Is this permissible or is an association required to have a professional manager? (R.B., via e-mail) A: Neither Chapter 718, Florida Statutes (the Florida Condominium Act), nor Chapter 720, Florida Statutes (the Florida Homeowners’ Association Act), require […]

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“Amendments Can Be Grouped For Voting,” News-Press

Q: My homeowners’ association is preparing to have the members vote on four different amendments to the governing documents. However, the association is proposing putting the four amendments to the owners in one vote, take it or leave it. It was my understanding that the association was required to put each amendment to a separate […]

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“Directors May Abstain From Voting,” News-Press

Q: In your column of August 5, 2018, titled “Board President Should Vote,” you state that “[u]nder previous law, directors could only abstain from voting if they had a conflict of interest” and “[u]nder current law, directors are permitted to abstain from voting without articulating a reason, though the abstention must be noted in the […]

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“Master Association Elections Can Be Confusing,” News-Press

Q: What are the Florida requirements for election of the board of directors and the eventual election of officers in a multicondominium association? Can anyone who is a member of any of the individual boards run for election? Does each association get a single vote? Does each association choose a representative who then becomes a […]

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“Hurricane Shutters Can Be Regulated,” News-Press

Q: I understood that Florida law permitted a unit owner in a condominium to install hurricane shutters to protect their unit. I was recently told by my association that only a specific type of shutter could be installed and that any other type of shutter was prohibited including putting plywood over my windows. Can the […]

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“Water Bills Can Be Split Equally,” News-Press

Q: I recently purchased a condominium unit and discovered that the water bill is paid for by the association for the entire community as part of our assessments. This seems unfair because many of the owners like ourselves only stay in the unit a few months out of the year, while other units are occupied […]

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Websites Regulated by Statute for Larger Associations

Q: We are in the process of moving our condominium association’s existing website and all the information thereon to a new platform. Can the condominium documents be posted to the main homepage or do they have to be posted in a password-protected sub-page of the website? (R.M., via e-mail) A: Whether or not your condominium […]

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“Meetings Can Be Adjourned,” News-Press

Q: My homeowners’ association is attempting to amend our governing documents. At the membership meeting where the vote was to occur, the board announced that not enough of the members had participated and the board was continuing the meeting to allow more members to vote. Is that allowed? (K.R., via e-mail) A: Maybe. Chapter 720, […]

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“Being Recalled Does Not Prohibit Future Service On Board,” News-Press

Q: A group of owners in my condominium association are considering recalling certain members of our board of directors. However, a question has arisen as to how long a recalled person is barred from serving on the Board. (B.K., via e-mail) A:  Section 718.112(2)(j) of the Florida Condominium Act states that the unit owners are […]

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“Flags Governed By Statute,” News-Press

Q: An issue has arisen in my homeowners’ association concerning what flags are permitted to be flown by homeowners. Certain owners have begun flying historic versions of the American flag stating that they are allowed to do so under the law. Can you give some guidance on this issue? (M.H., via e-mail) A: Section 720.304(2)(a) […]

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