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Feeling the Heat: Restaurants and Bars Must Adapt to Ensure Survival

This is an unprecedented time in our country and in the world. The coronavirus (COVID-19) has shut down large swathes of the economy, with its most direct impact being felt on places where people congregate and socialize. Restaurants and bars are especially feeling the heat, as Americans do their part and increasingly shelter at home. […]

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Association Contracts and the Coronavirus

Despite efforts to contain the spread, the COVID-19 virus is already wreaking havoc on personal life and business dealings here in Florida. But are there legal ramifications for a community association that has a pending construction or renovation contract currently underway? Will the contractor be able to delay the completion of the contract, or even […]

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COVID-19, Coronavirus: The Impact on Open Meetings

Many of our communities have asked whether it is permissible to conduct association business, particularly board meetings at which binding votes are taken, via e-mail or other similar means during the COVID-19, Coronavirus pandemic. The short answer is, no. Community associations are still required to follow open meeting requirements under the law. Governor Murphy’s Executive […]

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What Impact Will the Coronavirus have on Your Community Association’s Ability to Collect Maintenance Fees?

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) hits home, the uncertainty of its far-reaching economic ramifications has left community associations wondering if this crisis will impact their ability to collect monthly maintenance fees. This is a major concern since the collection of maintenance fees is the very lifeblood of a community association.  Without an income stream, essential services […]

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The California Consumer Privacy Act; How Will it Affect Your Business

Saturday, February 29, 2020, will mark 60 days since the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”; Cal. Civ. Code §§ 1798.100—1798.199) went into effect on January 1. If your organization is not familiar with the CCPA, it is an expansive consumer privacy law in California which governs how businesses handle personal information for any California resident. […]

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Why Brokers Should Consider a Land Use Attorney

As brokers, you are constantly looking at ways to maximize value for your clients. Whether you represent sellers or buyers, you may be missing out on huge opportunities by not engaging in land use due diligence. Many of you are familiar with real estate due diligence, on title work, deeds and insurance, but you have […]

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Certificates of Insurance: Do They Matter?

All too often after a lawsuit is filed our clients come to us and say, “We required the contractor to name the association as an additional insured and obtained proof of insurance by requiring them to submit a certificate of insurance,” why then are we not covered by the contractor’s policy? The truth is, a […]

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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Who Gets Credit for the Deposit When Unmarried Couples Partition a Home?

Every 1 in 3 Millennials purchased a home in 2018, and yet only 36% of Millennials were married. It’s getting more and more common for this generation to choose to purchase a home together as boyfriend/girlfriend and take title as joint tenants with right of survivorship. But, what happens when they breakup and cannot agree […]

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