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Crafting and Protecting Your Community’s Trademark with Becker’s Valeria Angelucci

Crafting and Protecting Your Community’s Trademark with Becker’s Valeria Angelucci

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Has your association ever faced the challenge of a shadow website or social media page imitating your own? Have you discovered your community’s name being used by a business entity without permission? Host Donna DiMaggio Berger, along with guest Valeria Angelucci from Becker’s Corporate Practice, shed light on these common issues. Despite their prevalence, the solution for both prevention and resolution is often just one registered trademark away!

Donna and Valeria reveal how to safeguard intellectual property for community associations, particularly their names and logos. They explore the intricacies of intellectual property, emphasizing the crucial function trademarks serve in preserving the identity of your association. They also share insights into crafting distinctive branding, with real-life examples, including renowned brands like Nike and Lululemon.

Donna and Valeria discuss the expenses and enforcement associated with trademark registration, providing practical advice for addressing inquiries from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. They highlight how a well-protected trademark can forge a stronger sense of community. Whether you’re a seasoned manager or a newcomer to community associations, this conversation is an essential guide to mastering the landscape of trademarks.

Conversation highlights include:

  • Differences between trademarks, copyrights, and patents
  • Steps and costs involved in the trademarking process for community associations
  • Limitations or restrictions on what can be trademarked
  • Legal implications for community associations if their names or logos are not properly trademarked
  • How community associations can enforce their trademark rights if they discover infringement
  • Alternatives to trademarking

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