Becker & Poliakoff

Core Values

Doing the Right Thing for Our Clients and Ourselves

Our Lawyers


Respect and Dignity

Treating our attorneys, staff, clients and colleagues with respect and dignity.

Take the High Road 

Acting with integrity to achieve the highest ethical and professional standards in the practice of law.


Protecting and respecting the privacy of our attorneys, employees and clients.


Going the extra mile to deliver high quality legal services, passionately represent our clients, and promote our Firm.


Avoiding conflicts of interest and providing sound independent advice to our clients.


Participating in professional, civic and charitable organizations to benefit the communities in which we live and work.


Creating a team mentality within practice groups, offices, and throughout the Firm.

Honest and Open Communication 

Sharing strategies, ideas and experiences with each other and utilizing our collective resources to benefit our clients and ourselves. Handling difficult situations with candor and courage.


Following Firm policies and procedures and accepting responsibility for our own actions. Protecting Firm resources and assets to promote our practice and insure the longevity of our Firm. Requiring specific written engagement letters to confirm rendition of legal services and carefully adhering to risk management procedures.


Demonstrating pride in our profession and practice. Speaking positively about our Firm to our attorneys, employees and the public.



Our Firm


Safeguard Our Future 

Avoiding actions that threaten or compromise the viability, fiscal integrity and reputation of the Firm.

Promote Diversity 

Striving to achieve a gender, racial, ethnic and cultural balance within our Firm.

Maintain An Open Door Policy 

Providing for the sharing of ideas among lawyers to stay attuned to our professional environment and the concerns of our colleagues.

Support Professional Development 

Mentoring and supervising our attorneys to foster professional development. Promote continued learning and professional growth opportunities for our attorneys and staff.

Reward Commitment 

Fairly compensating and recognizing attorneys that meet and exceed our commitment to client service, professionalism, teamwork and productivity.

Avoid Complacency 

Searching for and acting upon new business opportunities and ideas that will strengthen our practice and the position of the Firm.