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The Becker Insider | February 2023

The Becker Insider provides recent news and unique perspectives into the Florida policy issues that matter most to you. At Becker, we believe that our strengths truly lie in our differences. Our local, state, and federal lobbying teams have deep and longstanding relationships across the political spectrum, allowing us to better champion the interests of […]

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Community Update – February 2023

Spring is the season of new beginnings and a reminder of how nice change can be. This month, we spotlight timely issues and provide guidance for you and your community to move forward. Our featured articles explore various topics from condo safety regulations and hurricane repairs to combatting growing hate crimes inside community associations. Also featured this month is the board […]

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Community Update – January 2023

We hope that 2023 is off to a wonderful start! This month, we work through a wide array of issues so that you can rest assured your association is beginning the new year on a high note. There are very specific statutory requirements for levying a special assessment in a condominium. Mark Friedman provides helpful […]

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Becker New Jersey Community Update for January 2023

The New Jersey Community Update newsletter is out for January, and this issue covers a range of topics. Shareholder David Dockery delves into everything you need to know about electronic voting for your condo/HOA in New York/New Jersey, and how moving to electronic voting can save your association time and money. Becker’s Community Association Practice […]

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Community Update – December 2022

As 2022 comes to an end, we look back at our most popular articles this year. Read on for helpful information on statutory and non-statutory reserves, estoppel fees, and so much more. We look forward to another productive year together and wish you continued success in 2023! TOP 5 COMMUNITY UPDATE ARTICLES OF 2022 Given […]

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Community Update – November 2022

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We are tremendously grateful to you and all of our clients, colleagues, and friends. In this month’s edition of CUP, we discuss a wide array of topics from elections to adopting an annual budget, and don’t miss our special feature (podcast) to hear an engineer’s perspective on implementing Florida’s new condo […]

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Community Update – October 2022

Becker is deeply saddened by the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian. Ian has taken lives, destroyed homes and property, and ravaged entire infrastructure systems of towns and cities. As we turn our eyes to recovery, Becker is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, November 9 at 12:00 PM EST to review important information on how to […]

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Community Update – September 2022

At Becker, we stand with our fellow Floridians, particularly those on the west coast who experienced the wrath of Hurricane Ian. As we turn our eye to recovery, we are here to help. Electronic voting offers a convenient method for casting your “ballot”. How can you bring electronic voting into your community? Jennifer Biletnikoff discusses […]

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Community Update – August 2022

This month’s edition of CUP is packed with insightful information. In addition to our featured articles, be sure to check out new episodes of the Take it to the Board Podcast including conversations with community association professional coach, Carmelo Millimaci, and Broward County Property Appraiser, Marty Kiar. Also, find out why it’s important to do your due […]

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Community Update – July 2022

On July 1, 2021, changes to Florida law opened the door to allow condominium and cooperative associations a new option for addressing disputes between unit owners and the association through pre-suit mediation. Learn more about what this means in our featured article, “Options for Dispute Resolution in Condominium Associations.” Also, did you know that Becker’s Mediation […]

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Community Update – June 2022

June officially marked the start of Hurricane Season in Florida. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Becker’s Hurricane Guide which includes helpful information to ensure your association is prepared should disaster strike. Also, if you missed our recent webinar on the adoption of Bill SB 4D, the new law addressing building safety, check it […]

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Becker New Jersey Community Update for June 2022

The New Jersey Community Update newsletter is out for June, and this issue covers a range of topics. Shareholder David Dockery delves into the ins-and-outs of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s new questionnaire, and — for context — offers an abstract of how these lending giants fit into the landscape of residential mortgages. Becker’s Community […]

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Community Update – May 2022

Hurricane season is here. Time to get ready, and then stay ready. Also check out the Question of the Month to see what impact COVID and Zoom calls have had on board meetings, our deep dive into how the Real Housewives handle their taxes, and a tidy summary of how Florida’s 2022 legislative session will affect Community Associations. The big news this […]

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Community Update – April 2022

In this edition of the Community Update, we address transparency in condominium and homeowners’ associations’, issues associated with alcohol consumption on association property, what associations can and cannot do about solar panels, and even how the Constitution applies to private community associations. Many condominium and homeowners’ associations’ activities are required to have a certain amount […]

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Community Update – March 2022

Florida’s 60-day legislative session recently concluded without passing any major community association legislation. Find out what happened in this month’s “Did You Know” feature, and for a deeper dive on the topic, tune in to the most recent episode of Becker podcast, “Take it to the Board with Donna DiMaggio Berger.” Construction projects, like life, […]

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Community Update – February 2022

Becker’s Take it to the Board with Donna DiMaggio Berger podcast features a variety of guests including our very own attorneys from across the firm’s practice areas and offices. Check out this month’s “Did You Know” section for more information and to tune in to these insightful episodes that delve into everything from handling construction issues to […]

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Community Update – January 2022

This month, we work through a wide array of issues, from trees to legal documentation, and even speeding tickets. Please feel free to join us at the 2022 CA Day & Trade Show hosted by the Central Florida Chapter of Community Associations Institute on February 11 in Orlando! In 1988, Congress pulled back some restrictions […]

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Community Update – December 2021

Before heading into the New Year, we look back at the year’s most popular reads. This month’s featured articles highlight the topics you found most interesting in 2021 – from fining committees to questions about remote meetings. From all of us at Becker, we wish you a happy holiday and a joyous, healthy, and prosperous […]

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Becker New Jersey Community Update for July 2020

Becker’s New Jersey Community Update newsletter features recent news and updates that we think you may find of interest. In July’s Newsletter, We cover all the latest NJ COVID-19 alerts from Department of Health standards for opening Community Association pools, to New Regulations for common interest communities in regards to elections and board meetings. These […]

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Community Update – November 2021

This month, our featured articles explore various topics from fuel station installation to reserves for HOAs. Also, be sure to check out the “Did You Know” section – Becker’s been nominated for a Diamond Level Readers’ Choice Award from the Florida Community Association Journal (FLCAJ) in recognition of our commitment to the success of shared […]

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Community Update – October 2021

In addition to this month’s featured articles, don’t miss all new episodes of our podcast, “Take it to the Board.” In the most recent episode, host Donna DiMaggio Berger is joined by Becker Employment Law Shareholder Jamie Dokovna for an informative discussion on best practices to create and protect a safe work environment. Learn what Jamie thinks […]

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BeckerNorth Newsletter – September 2021

In September’s newsletter, we cover the digital renaissance of the legal profession, which includes remote court appearances, mastering the art of e-discovery, and the role of computers and other electronic devices in litigation. We also consider options for employee retention during the Great Resignation, a time when 58% of workers ay they would “absolutely” look […]

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Community Update – September 2021

It may not quite feel like it yet in Florida, but Fall is officially here. This of course means busy season has arrived for many associations as residents head south for the winter months. Check out this month’s issue for several informative articles to help set your board up for success. Also, be sure to […]

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Community Update – August 2021

Have you had a chance to check out Becker’s new podcast, “Take It To the Board with Donna DiMaggio Berger?” The podcast explores the reality of life in a community association, what’s really involved in serving on its board, and how to maintain the ever-so-delicate balance of being legally compliant and community spirited. Check out this month’s […]

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Community Update – July 2021

This edition of Becker’s Community Update addresses several facets of how collaboration between the association and its members can be successfully navigated, ensuring the health and well-being of both parties at the beginning of the relationship and throughout its lifespan. Security – whether provided by video cameras or sound documentation – is definitely a theme. […]

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