Community Update – February 2023

Community Update – February 2023

Spring is the season of new beginnings and a reminder of how nice change can be. This month, we spotlight timely issues and provide guidance for you and your community to move forward. Our featured articles explore various topics from condo safety regulations and hurricane repairs to combatting growing hate crimes inside community associations.

Also featured this month is the board certification advantage. Did you know Becker has more board certified attorneys in Business Litigation, Construction, Real Estate, and Condominium & Planned Development Law combined than any other law firm in the state? Learn more about why this matters.

Associations and association managers routinely receive what are referred to as lender questionnaires. Are associations required by law to provide a prospective purchaser or lienholder with information about the association? Learn more in, “Lender Questionnaires” by Howard J. Perl.

Can homeowners’ associations continue with their “practice” of employing a two-notice, condominium-esque election, despite any lack of language in their governing documents permitting the same? Jennifer L. Biletnikoff discusses this and more in, “Director Elections in HOAs (i.e. Welcome to the Wild, Wild West).

How do you prepare for an Annual/Election Meeting? Howard J. Perl offers some helpful tips and tricks in, “Timesavers at Annual/Election Meetings.

How to allocate the limited resource of parking spaces is at the heart of “THIS CASE: Juno By The Sea North Condominium Association (The Towers), Inc. v. Manfredonia” by Jay Roberts.

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