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Community Update – March 2023

Community Update – March 2023

This month, we shine a spotlight on potential issues for community associations. From developer turnover to litigation to new laws regarding emotional support animals, we provide practical guidance to help steer you and your community in the right direction.

Holding political events are afforded a limited degree of protection under the Florida Condominium Act. Marty Platts discusses what the statute says in, “Does Your Association Allow You to Use the Clubhouse for Political Events?

If your association is looking to obtain a loan, do not start the borrowing process without a discussion with your attorney. Mark Friedman addresses reoccurring issues with obtaining a loan in, “Borrowing Money.”

Other than political debate, perhaps nothing else evokes more of an “emotional” response than the issue of emotional support animals in a no pet community. Howard Perl explains the “New Laws Regarding Emotional Support Animals” and how your community may be affected.

Since the earliest days of condominium associations, questions have arisen over the extent of the condominium association’s authority to impose restrictions on the use of the condominium property. “Beachwood Villas Condominium v. Poor” by Jay Roberts considers the validity and enforceability of board-adopted rules.

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