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Community Update – July 2023

Community Update – July 2023

The 2023 Legislative Session brought significant changes for community associations in Florida. In this issue, we aim to provide you with a thorough review and understanding of these new laws. From multifamily property safety to the preparation and response of natural disasters, we provide practical tips to help you understand these new changes. Don’t miss our featured podcast episode, “Keeping Cool with Jane Gilbert, Miami-Dade’s Chief Heat Officer.”

This summer, we have experienced the hottest days in modern history. Looking for ways to cope? Donna DiMaggio Berger offers some helpful insight to protect yourself and your association in, “Preparing for Extreme Heat: The New Natural Disaster.”

In 1989, Miami-Dade County adopted an ordinance making it illegal for residents to own or keep any dog whose characteristics closely resemble those of the pit bull breed. Lilliana M. Farinas-Sabogal addresses the movement against breed specific regulations in, “Breed-Specific Dog Bans.”

Some judges and arbitrators have found that second-hand smoke can be a nuisance. Elizabeth A. Lanham-Patrie discusses some options for your association in, “Part 2: Can an Association Prohibit Smoking in Its Condominium?

Many people often think that the respective community association statute is the only law that applies to the association. This is incorrect. Jay Roberts emphasizes this important lesson in, “THIS CASE: Iezzi Family Limited Partnership v. Edgewater Beach Owners Association, Inc.

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