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Community Update – February 2024

Community Update – February 2024

This issue of CUP features a helpful guide for board members, information on new term limits, and tips to save money on your property taxes. Don’t miss our featured podcast episode, “Navigating Defamation Lawsuits and Non-Compete Clauses!”

Employers are relying more and more on independent contractors instead of employees. While using independent contractors can have certain benefits, there can also be certain risks. Jamie B. Dokovna and Kaitlyn Silverberg emphasize the importance of classification in, “The Impact of the New Department of Labor Rule on Worker Classification and Ensuring Proper Classification of Workers.

Records requests can become quite daunting when a board of directors is faced with a high volume of demands from unit owners asserting their right of inspection of the association’s official records. Casey Amaya discusses how reasonable rules can avoid a potential conflict in this helpful article, “Addressing Burdensome Records Requests via the Rule-Making Power of Condominium Associations.”

Your community association has just received, by certified mail, a letter from a unit owner with several questions about the operation of the Association. What do you do next? Nicolas M. Jimenez highlights why your community association’s legal counsel should be promptly notified in, “So, You Received a Written Inquiry.”

Failing to garner proper approval for material alterations or substantial additions to the condominium property could result in substantial legal liability. Jay Roberts explains the importance of ensuring proper approval in, “THIS CASE: Bailey v. Shelborne Ocean Beach Hotel Condominium Association, Inc.

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