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Community Update – June 2023

Community Update – June 2023

June’s edition of CUP brings a range of topics for managers and board members. Whether you’re wondering how SB 154 will impact your association, struggling with a unit owner who has not paid dues, or submitting an SBA loan application, we’ve got something for you. Discover an incredible journey through the eye of a storm as Joseph E. Adams sits down with Donna DiMaggio Berger on her popular podcast Take It To The Board and shares his harrowing experience riding out Hurricane Ian from his home on Fort Myers Beach.


As the days get longer and the weather gets hotter, we know that hurricane season is fast approaching. Therefore, this is a good time to prepare and review the timely article,  “Best Practices for Hurricane Preparedness” by Kevin L. Edwards.


Is your association in strict compliance with the statutory timeframes required for notices? K. Joy Mattingly discusses the Florida statues governing community associations in, “Strict Compliance vs. Substantial Compliance – Not Knowing the Difference Can Cost You!


Secondhand smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals, hundreds of which are toxic and nearly 70 can cause cancer. Many people do not want to be subjected to secondhand smoke, so what can an association do? Elizabeth A. Lanham-Patrie discusses this and more in, “Part 1: Can an Association Prohibit Smoking in Its Condominium?


If you do not follow proper protocols in taking enforcement action, you will lose the legal battle. Jay Roberts emphasizes this important lesson in, “THIS CASE: Dwork v. Executive Estates of Boynton Beach Homeowners Association, Inc.

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