Becker & Poliakoff

Local Government

Community associations often have issues with local and state government agencies; for example, changes to ingress/egress at the community, local zoning changes to accommodate businesses in the area that adversely impact the association, or a sound or traffic nuisance created by new road, new development or changing traffic pattern. Our local government team of lawyers and lobbyists represents associations before the governmental entity to ensure the community’s rights are protected and the property value preserved.

Our government team has experience working with government officials to protect an association’s rights. There are countless examples of associations that have been negatively impacted by a governmental decision. Association leaders appreciate the knowledge and experience of Becker’s local government team which knows how to intervene directly with the decision makers to try to resolve the problem before it escalates or becomes irreversible. Some issues get resolved with a phone call while others have required large scale grass roots campaigns that help elected officials understand the power and influence of a community association.