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Community Update – January 2024

Community Update – January 2024

The 2024 Legislative Session promises to bring sweeping changes to community association operations throughout Florida. In this issue of CUP, we highlight which bills we are watching, the Corporate Transparency Act, and the possibility of self-insurance. Don’t miss our weekly online legislative briefing with Bryony Swift. Also featured this month is our popular podcast, Take It To The Board. In this week’s episode, host Donna DiMaggio Berger emphasizes the practical policies and protocols your board needs to adopt.

Every so often associations will unexpectedly receive notice that a tax deed has been applied for in connection with a parcel or condominium unit in the community. How should your board handle these matters? Joseph Arena has all the answers in, “Things Associations Should Know About Tax Deed Sales.

In today’s world, almost anything you can fathom can be conveniently delivered to your door. Has this convenience transmuted into a right? “Condominium Rule Restrictions of Door-to-Deliveries: A Right or a Convenience?” Attorney Casey Amaya discusses the issues involved with delivery-to-the-door services.

We live in a world so dependent on autonomy and artificial intelligence. Phones have become a portal of vast information and people regularly rely on search engines for answers. Florence King emphasizes the potential risks of AI in, “The Danger of Substituting Artificial Intelligence for Your Attorney.”

The ability (and limitations) on transferring limited common elements is at the heart of THIS CASE. Jay Roberts explains the importance of limited common element use rights in, “THIS CASE: Brown v. Rice.”

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