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Community Update – April 2023

Community Update – April 2023

The 2023 Legislative Session has brought significant changes to Community Associations. In this Community Update, we address new restrictions on design and construction defect claims as well as recent amendments to the Florida Fire Prevention Code. Don’t miss the latest podcast featuring Dr. Esber Andiroglu, Professor Harold R. Wanless, and Donna DiMaggio Berger on the devastating impacts of sea-level rise.

Associations frequently ask the question: “When should a delinquent owner be turned over for collections?” Joy Mattingly discusses recent statutory requirements in the article, “Understanding the New Timeframes for Collections.”

Florida laws governing community associations require notice of meetings to encourage owner participation. Kathleen Berkey provides a helpful guide summarizing the “Condo/Co-Op/HOA Meeting Agendas & Notice Requirements.”

With hurricane season quickly approaching, it is important that you prepare for the worst (and hope for the best)! “The Worst Storm Is the Storm You Didn’t Prepare For” by Jennifer Biletnikoff shares important tips for the 2023 hurricane season.

Can a non-owner be a Board member in a condominium? The answer: it depends. Mark Friedman explains the Florida statute in the article, “Who Can Be A Condominium Board Member?

Association approval rights for unit purchases is at the heart of, “THIS CASE: Coquina Club, Inc. v. Mantz” by Jay Roberts. Find out why this case is important

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