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Pending Legislation Aims to Relieve Processing Headache During Natural Emergency

New bill would expand list of permits and authorizations qualifying for extension due to a Governor-declared natural emergency. Section 252.363(1)(a), Florida Statutes, provides that certain permits and authorizations are eligible for an extension once a natural emergency is declared by the Governor for the length of time the declaration is in effect plus an additional […]

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Should Condominium Associations Be Permitted to Invest Operating & Reserve Funds? SB 1490 Says Yes!

For years there have been significant legal constraints on a condominium association’s ability to use reserve funds. In addition to the statutory requirement to obtain membership approval for non-designated reserve usage, the prevailing school of thought was that association funds could not be invested since investments can and do fail.

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An Introduction to HB 969: Florida’s Proposed Data Privacy Law

Yesterday, House Bill 969 titled Consumer Data Privacy was introduced as a potential new law to protect the personal data of Florida consumers. Governor Ron DeSantis’ stated goal for the bill is to “safeguard the privacy and security of consumer data.” The bill is intended to give consumers more control over the personal information that […]

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Florida House Moves Forward With Legislation to Preempt Local Governments From Regulating Vacation Rentals

Vote of the Regulatory Reform Subcommittee Fell Mostly Along Party Lines As our many local government clients know, the Becker Team has been intimately involved in lobbying against the many attempts to limit their ability to manage the vacation rental crisis. The issue continues to severely impact cities of all sizes. We continue to be […]

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100% FEMA Reimbursement by Executive Order

Yesterday, President Biden filed an executive order (EO) to retroactively reimburse states (and their local government subgrantees) for FEMA-eligible services – including masks, gloves, emergency feeding actions, sheltering at risk populations, etc. – that were provided from the beginning of the pandemic in January 2020. Below is the official language regarding the scope of this […]

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Washington D.C. Update: President Biden’s Racial Equity & Diversity Plan

In his inaugural address, President Biden called for an end to partisan rancor saying “politics doesn’t have to be a raging fire destroying everything in its path. Every disagreement doesn’t have to be a cause for total war.” One of President Biden’s top priorities is achieving equity and an end to systemic racism through his […]

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Washington, D.C. Update: President Biden’s First Term Plans

While many of President Biden’s plans can be accomplished through executive orders, those requiring congressional approval will be met with slim Democratic majorities. Below are his current goals: Climate & Energy Ban new oil and gas permits on public land and water. Rejoin the Paris Climate Accords. End the Keystone XL Pipeline project. Make the […]

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New York Disclosure Bill Regulates Commercial Financing Transactions

On December 23, 2020, Governor Cuomo signed Assembly and Senate Bills which amend the New York Financial Services Law to require disclosure of certain financial information by certain defined “provider(s).” The Governor’s statement conditions approval on further amendments and a bill with amendments is already drafted. The Disclosure Act does not become effective until 180 […]

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