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Becker’s Washington Weekly: Week of January 29

Becker’s Washington Weekly: Week of January 29

Congress Back in Town

Both Chambers of Congress are back in town after the House’s recess last week.

Lawmakers continue to negotiate a bipartisan tax proposal and an ongoing Senate-led immigration reform package – both of which the White House has announced its support for. However, the timing for when either item will get to the floor for a final vote remains unclear.

Meanwhile, the House will take up eight bills under expedited procedures this week, including legislation concerning the federal government’s purchasing authority, Secret Service pay, and Post Office designations.

There are also several House immigration-related bills moving through regular order this week which would set new penalties for various violations of immigration law.

House and Senate Members will also participate in several committee hearings this week, including the following:

  • The House Select Committee on the Strategic Competition Between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will hold a hearing examining the CCP’s Support for America’s Adversaries
  • The House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure will discuss ways to secure shipping against threats in the Red Sea
  • The House Energy & Commerce Committee will discuss sports media rights
  • The Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee will examine AI in the housing industry
  • The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will discuss NATO amid its 75th anniversary