Becker & Poliakoff

Professional Liability: Accountants

The legal and regulatory framework of the accounting profession is continuously evolving, a trend that has led to an increase in liability exposure for both accountants and accounting firms. Given this, our team provides comprehensive legal counsel to assist accounting professionals in mitigating their risk and defending those that face liability claims.

Attorneys have successfully represented accountants and accounting firms in matters including:

  • Professional liability/malpractice claims
  • Disciplinary and enforcement actions brought by the SEC, state licensing authorities
  • Risk management
  • Partnership agreements
  • Matters pertaining to partners leaving their firms
  • Licensing and compliance

Having multidisciplinary backgrounds in accounting and the law, our Professional Liability attorneys have the fluency to communicate technical accounting and auditing principles to judges and juries as well as translate the law to their clients. Attorneys are industry thought leaders, having held leadership positions on regulatory boards such as the Florida Board of Accountancy and the American Institute of CPA’s Auditing Standards Board.