Disaster Recovery

The Becker Disaster Recovery Practice Group assists clients with all aspects of catastrophic incidents that may befall a condominium association or any shared ownership community, including hurricanes, windstorms, tornadoes, fires, floods, lightning strikes, mold, pipe breaks, major leaks, sinkholes, etc.

The Disaster Recovery Group has handled thousands of claims issues, including dozens of hurricanes in Florida, New York and New Jersey. Our team approach provides a comprehensive set of services for all pre- and post-disaster needs in conjunction with our firm’s esteemed Community Association Practice Group and Construction Law & Litigation Practice Group, which includes board certified construction law experts, specific structural engineering experts, electrical/corrosion engineering experts, general contractor experts, estimators, adjusters, plumbing and other specific experts that know how to find damage and process claims. They are experts in what they do and our substantial experience tells us that to maximize recovery, you are best served by using a team that brings a wealth of experts to your rescue.

Our Disaster Recovery Group attorneys can readily assist with document rewrites, contract review, legal opinions for repair and replacement projects, assisting with banking needs including SBA loans, passing special assessments, and more. We can review your current insurance policies to determine whether those policies fully adopt the current statutory scheme in your state or have broader coverage available. We can also arrange a basic investigation for your community, at no cost, sufficient to determine whether you need to take the next step and notify your property carrier. The team offers a Disaster Preparedness and Recovery course that provides information about what to do prior to and after any kind of disaster.

We can likewise assist you with any of the following:

  • Arranging documentation of your community (via video, photos and/or memoranda) for building components and critical records in order to facilitate your future insurance claim
  • Contract review to ensure pricing, performance and insurance protections are in place
  • Review of your insurance policies to identify requirements and financial obligations
  • Developing a comprehensive Hurricane Plan
  • Filing a lawsuit should your claim be denied or underpaid

As a client of the firm, if you call us within the first 48 hours after a disaster, and should that turn into a claim requiring the assistance of a public adjuster, the public adjuster will assess the damage at no cost, and then advocate on your behalf to the insurance carrier to get you the monies you are entitled to. Public adjusters usually charge between 10-20% on a contingency basis to advocate a claim, which means they do not get any money unless they are able to secure money for you from the insurance carrier; however, if you call within 48 hours after disaster, they will reduce that to 7% contingency, and no more than 10% in the event that an appraisal is required.

For more information, contact us at 1-844-BP-ASSIST (1-844-272-7747), or at the Client CARE Center toll-free at 1-844-CAREBP1 (1-844-227-3271) or by email at care@bplegal.com.

Hurricane and Disaster Recovery Webinars

Disaster Planning for the 2011 Hurricane Season: Are You Ready to Weather the Storm?
06/01/2011 Presented by William StropSanjay Kurian and Robert Rubin

Hurricane Preparedness During A Restoration Project: How to Protect Your Structure In the Wake of a Hurricane
08/25/2010 Moderated by Steven Lesser
Running time: 59:43

Anatomy of a Disaster Claim
07/23/2010, Presented by Herb Brock and Rick Slider. Moderated by Steven Lesser.
Running time: 1:05:52

Hurricane Preparedness
12/15/2009, Presented by Steven Lesser. Running time: 58:34

What Your Insurance Carrier Doesn’t Want You to Know: Preparing and Presenting an Insurance Claim for Maximum Recovery
06/20/2009, Presented by Ken Direktor and Sanjay Kurian.
Running Time: 1:10

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