Residential & Commercial Developer Representation

Becker has played a leading role in the creation of condominium and homeowner’s associations. As developer’s counsel, we draft condominium and property owner association documents, land sales filings, unit closings, and provide developer controlled Board representation and general developer representation. In addition, we review and revise contracts regarding property acquisition and financing, and work closely with local governments regarding land use planning, zoning and platting. Additionally we draft and consult on contracts with contractors, consultants, lenders and end users; examine conditions of title; handle closings with the buyers; advise on developer’s role in community associations, in various stages of operation, from post formation to turnover and transition.

Below find a representative listing of the Firm’s developer clients and some of the project(s) with which we assisted them. Our representation includes drafting condominium documents, preparing the necessary filings for the Division of Florida Land Sales, Condominiums and Mobile Homes, and in many instances, handling the Interstate Land Sales filing and closing on the unit sales. Condominium conversion representation is as noted below and includes all of the above mentioned services plus compliance with the Roth Act portion of the Condominium Act.

List of representative developer clients & projects of Becker’s Real Estate Law Group