SPOTLIGHT: Joy Mattingly, Community Association Law

SPOTLIGHT: Joy Mattingly, Community Association Law

Becker's Joy Mattingly, Community Association LawIn celebration of Women’s History Month, Becker showcases the inspiration, philosophies, and expertise of the women attorneys and lobbyists who help elevate our firm and client service. 

Joy Mattingly is an experienced litigator and leads the firm’s collection and foreclosure practice. She regularly develops comprehensive collections strategies for community, condominium, and homeowner associations and cooperatives. Her expertise includes collection and foreclosure actions, representation in mortgage foreclosure actions, surplus funds recovery and receiverships.

What woman inspires you and why?

My mother. She has always encouraged me to be self-sufficient, independent and told me that I could do and be anything I set my mind to.

If you could have dinner with anyone alive or dead, who would it be and why?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg a/k/a the Notorious RBG. I’m in awe of her intellect, her passion, her dedication to the law and her success, both as a lawyer and Supreme Court Justice, and at using the law to level the playing field.

What advice (professional or personal) would you give your younger self?

Dream bigger! The hardest limitations to overcome are the ones you place on yourself.

What led you to the practice of law and/or to your specific area of law?

I wanted a career involving life-long learning and growth and the practice of law fit those parameters. Beyond that, I just tried to recognize opportunity when it knocked.

What has living through a global pandemic taught you?

Uncertainty and adversity reveals who you – and others – really are.

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