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Everybody’s Sick: The Best Ways to Prevent Illness in a Multifamily Community with Dr. Jason Mansour of Broward Health

Everybody’s Sick: The Best Ways to Prevent Illness in a Multifamily Community with Dr. Jason Mansour of Broward Health

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Does it seem like everyone around you is coughing, sniffling, or under the weather? It’s no coincidence—we’re currently in the middle of cold and flu season. Join Donna DiMaggio Berger and guest Dr. Jason Mansour, Chair of Emergency Medicine at Broward Health, to learn the best ways to stay healthy even in shared spaces. Is loss of smell exclusive to COVID or indicative of other ailments? Donna and Dr. Mansour share how to distinguish between the common cold, flu, COVID, and RSV—without resorting to a barrage of tests. Learn how simple, everyday habits can serve as your armor against invisible threats, like Covid-19 and other viruses that could be lurking in common areas like the pool, lobby and on gym equipment.

Our conversation then pivots to everyone’s enemy: MOLD. Given the inevitability of water leaks in multifamily buildings, Donna and Dr. Mansour explore the silent intruder of mold.  Learn how to recognize the signs of mold in living spaces, how it can impact your health, and whether certain types pose greater risks than others.

Lastly, they look at mobile health services that can make your community healthier, especially as many residents choose to age in their own homes. Listen now for pointers on staying healthy for yourself and your community.

Conversation highlights include:

  • Common health challenges people face when living in multifamily buildings, especially during flu and COVID surges
  • How indoor ventilation plays a role in both preventing and spreading illnesses
  • Areas and surfaces within multifamily buildings that residents should pay extra attention to when practicing cleanliness
  • How to recognize signs of mold in living spaces
  • Differences in types of molds and their health impacts
  • Health risks associated with using amenities like the pool or a gym
  • Medical services you can bring to your communities

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