Is Now a Good Time to Pursue Redevelopment Plans That May Be Considered a Moonshot?

Is Now a Good Time to Pursue Redevelopment Plans That May Be Considered a Moonshot?


So now is actually a really good time to pursue redevelopment plans that you may consider a moonshot because of COVID. There’s so much uncertainty and financial pressure that cities are facing. So cities may be more inclined to grant incentives such as density increases or rezonings that they otherwise may not have consider.

We’re working with many property owners and investors. Trying to find creative solutions for distressed properties and properties with inactive uses. As one example, we’re actually working with multiple clients, attempting to rezone and/or subdivide shopping centers for the purpose of building townhomes.

This may not have even been considered in the past. Another good option is to reposition office space as warehouse or light industrial, or even find creative solutions for outdoor recreational uses, like in beachfront properties or open spaces. Of course, we’re always working with multi-family developers and we can negotiate development agreements that will vest your rights.

In the event that for instance, if you want to achieve, an approval of city, but you’re not quite ready to start building just today and want to see how it shakes out. of course all plans must be compatible with the surrounding uses to meet the land development code of the governing municipality. So we are ready to work with you and, you know, we’re sure that your developments will be a win-win for the communities in which you live.

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