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Make Your Voice Heard in 2020 Legislative Session

Make Your Voice Heard in 2020 Legislative Session

Becker & PoliakoffKnowledge is power and this is especially true when it comes to dealing with lawmakers and politicians. A large part of CALL’s mission is to promote positive community association legislation in Florida. Sometimes that means harmful bills need to be substantially modified or defeated altogether. Other times that mission includes seeking bill sponsors for legislative changes that can make life better for community association owners, board members, and management professionals. Positive legislation is best supported by bringing valuable data to your public policy makers. Towards that end,  CALL has created a series of surveys on several topics that our CALL members consider of great importance.

We have already released our first survey concerning short term rental activity facilitated by venues such as Airbnb and VRBO. As many of you may know, SB 824 sponsored by Senator Diaz, would have made it much more difficult if not impossible for private residential communities to restrict or prohibit short-term rental activity. While that bill did not pass this year, we have every expectation that Airbnb and similar companies will push for a reboot in the 2020 Legislative Session. Does your community find short-term rental activity to be helpful or harmful? You tell us and we’ll tell your legislators.

There is perhaps no other topic which concerns private residential communities across the board regardless of community type or location as much as the issue of fraudulent emotional support animal requests. While we know anecdotally what concerns are related to fraudulent ESA requests, data from this survey will help our Florida Legislators better understand the financial and emotional burden these fraudulent requests place on association members as well as the harmful impact these fraudulent requests have on the disabled community.

Finally, in the near future we will issue our ultimate survey in the series which will address your communities’ experiences in pursuing insurance claims in the aftermath of a casualty event, including the role of public adjusters in that process. Insurance claims are an inevitable fact of life in the timeline of every Florida community so fully understanding that process and navigating the potential land mines is crucial.

This is your chance to let your voices be heard and to help us craft impactful legislative proposals for Florida’s 2020 Legislative Session.  We hope that you will take a moment to complete these surveys and to urge your neighboring communities to do so as well. Please feel free to share our survey links wide and far. The results from our survey series will be shared with all respondents, policymakers, and the media. Participants will be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card.

As always, Becker and CALL continue to tirelessly push and advocate for the best interests of condominiums, HOAs, and cooperatives within the Florida legislature. Your participation helps us to do so.
Please click here to view all of our open surveys.

Thank you so much for your support and we look forward to sharing the results!