Webinar: DCA’s New Regulations – How Do We Cope?

Webinar: DCA’s New Regulations – How Do We Cope?


The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs published new regulations in May of this year that are causing much anxiety and raising many questions. During this webinar, participants will learn about the new election and voting procedures required, as well as how electronic voting is one way to reduce the paperwork and stress.  Further, the panelists will discuss how DCA has tinkered with long standing law concerning open board meetings, notices of those meetings, and methods for removing sitting board members.

Topics Covered:

  • The Radburn Election Law v. The New DCA Regulations
  • CAI’s Appeal of the New Regulations
  • Elections and Voting – What’s New
  • Nominations and Candidate Qualifications
  • Owners Viewing the Ballot Count
  • What You Need to Know About Electronic Balloting
  • The Rest:
    • Voting in Executive Board Meetings
    • Notice of Board Meetings
    • Petitions for Board Member Removal


Watch the replay below!

David Ramsey

Arnold Calabrese

Mohammed Salyani
Wilkin and Guttenplan

Brett Fielo