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Webinar: Casualty Insurance Claims 101 Your Hurricane Playbook

In this informative webinar, we cover what to expect in the event your community is damaged by a casualty event, such as a hurricane. Hear from Community Association Shareholder Jay Roberts, Construction Law & Litigation Shareholder Aaron Pruss, and Public Adjuster Joseph Connelly of Association Adjusting. They approach the conversation from their u

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Webinar: Loans and Borrowing Money – What Community Associations Need to Know

 There is a lot of confusion when it comes to obtaining a loan as a community association. This webinar is intended to clear the confusion and provide you with the necessary tools to obtain a loan. Topics Covered: What is and is not collateral for a community association loan. What type of loan documents […]

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Webinar: Red, White, and – Wait, Does the Constitution Really Govern My Association?

 This webinar will discuss how, and to what extent, Constitutional Law impacts actions taken by community associations. Joseph Adams and Jay Roberts will be discussing the general applicability of the Constitution, what a “state actor” is and why that matters, and how the courts have discussed the extent to which the Constitution impacts actions […]

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Webinar: How to Navigate and Respond to the New Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Temporary Guidelines for Condominiums

In reaction to the tragic condo collapse in Florida, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac amended their requirements that have resulted in lender questionnaires to be answered by associations and their managers that are ambiguous and impose potential liability. If the questionnaire is not completed the lender will not approve the loan to a buyer. But […]

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Webinar: Insurance Claims and Coverage for Community Associations: Navigating Florida’s Insurance

 The Florida insurance marketplace is in complete disarray. While Florida has experienced a difficult property market in the past, we have never seen those conditions carry over simultaneously to multiple lines of coverage. This has both driven up premiums/rates, lessened coverage and created a heightened sense of the reality of the “cost of living” […]

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Webinar: Vetting Vendors and Contracts

 This program is not eligible for CEU credit or certificate of completion. Choosing the right vendors for your association is an important task for every board. Vetting those vendors is just the first step. Join Becker Shareholders Howard Perl and Robyn Severs as they walk you through the process from start to finish. Competitive […]

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Webinar: 2022 Building Safety Law, SB 4D: You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers!

  The Florida Division of Florida Condominiums, Cooperatives and Timeshares has posted the form (which they have titled Building Report) which must be submitted by all Florida condominiums and cooperative associations with buildings that are three stories or higher.   This information must be submitted ON OR BEFORE January 1, 2023.   Click here to […]

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Webinar: 2022 Legislative Session Wrap Up

 This program is not eligible for CEU credit or certificate of completion. Following a legislative session that is best known for what did not happen, this webinar gleans a few measures that are worth noting, with some additional discussion about what might be coming up in special sessions. Topics to be discussed:. An amendment […]

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Webinar: Navigating the Special Assessment Minefield

This program is not eligible for CEU credit or certificate of completion. Many associations are looking to undertake major renovation and repair projects in 2022 and special assessments will be needed in many cases to fund those projects. Our webinar will answer your questions about the process your board must follow to levy a special […]

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