Can They Do That? Video Series

Becker’s video series, tackles some of the unique problems that homeowners and renters face today. We answer questions, no matter how far-fetched they may seem. From service animals to nudists in your community, we get to the bottom of it and let you know – “Can They Do That?”

“I live in a 55 and older community and my 4 year old grandchild comes and stays with me during the week while her mother is at work. She doesn’t live with me full time. I am only babysitting during the week and many times they stay for a weekend visit. The Board is trying to say that I am in violation of the rules and I cannot have her over the way I want. – “Can They Do That?”
Can an Association Remove an Underage Resident in a 55 and Older Community?
Aired 6/15/2022
“Our association is considering hiring one of the board members to perform maintenance services in our community. – “Can They Do That?”
Hiring a Board Member for Maintenance Contract
Aired 1/7/2022
“With all the confusion around COVID-19 safety precautions and vaccinations, I’m not entirely ready to be back in the office full-time. My employer, however, just sent an email to all employees requiring us to be onsite. – “Can They Do That?”
Coming into the Office Requirement
Aired 8/26/2021
My employer has asked all staff to notify HR as to whether or not we’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19. – “Can They Do That?”
Vaccination Requirement
Aired 8/23/2021
My employer has asked all staff to notify HR as to whether or not we’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19. – “Can They Do That?”
Vaccination Requirement
Aired 8/23/2021
Our board wants to adopt a budget that includes a contingency fund. – “Can They Do That?”
Contingency Fund in Budget
Aired 11/23/2020
Our board has proposed a budget in which they’re changing the way we’re funding reserves. – “Can They Do That?”
Changing Funding Reserves
Aired 11/17/2020
Our condominium has never funded reserves, and yet, the board has proposed and adopted a budget that provides for full funding of reserves. – “Can They Do That?”
Funding Reserves
Aired 11/05/2020
I put up a political sign for my favorite candidate. My HOA and the Board sent me a letter telling me to take it down. I have a right to free speech don’t I? – “Can They Do That?”
Political Sign Takedown
Aired 10/09/2020
A hurricane is a few days away from landfall near my condominium. The association sent a notice that elevators and the building air conditioning will be shutdown for 36 hours before landfall. – “Can They Do That?”
Shutdown Condo Services
Aired 9/22/2020
I came across an unofficial community website that was using our official logo and name. The website included some damaging information about the association. – “Can They Do That?”
Unofficial Website
Aired 8/26/2020
I received a notice that my property is in violation of local code and ordinances. The city wants to start imposing fines on my property. – “Can They Do That?”
Property Violation of Local Ordinance
Aired 7/28/2020
The insurance company wants to take my Florida claim and litigate in New York. – “Can They Do That?”
Change Litigation Location
Aired 6/29/2020
I’m going to go on a trip right now. Prices are really low to travel, and I want to visit my family. My employer’s telling me that if I go on the trip I’m not able to come back to work. My employer is going to mandate that I quarantine myself for 14 days when I come back. – “Can They Do That?”
Mandated Quarantine At Work
Aired 5/27/2020
I have some cracks in the stucco on the outside of my unit and my association wants to paint over it. It looks like it could be a more serious issue but they said I shouldn’t worry about it. – “Can They Do That?”
Cracks in Stucco
Aired 4/21/2020
My association wants to levy a special assessment to pay for remodeling the lobby. The board claims it’s a common expense so all unit owners are equally responsible for the cost. – “Can They Do That?”
Special Assessment
Aired 3/18/2020
We have an owner at our board meetings who is a hothead and very disruptive. They want to keep attending the meetings even though they cause so much trouble. – “Can They Do That?”
Causing Trouble at Meetings
Aired 02/27/2020
An owner of our community association left a unit abandoned with termites, rodents, and garbage. If we hire a contractor to clean the unit and repair damages, is our association stuck with the bill? – “Can They Do That?”
Unit Abandoned with Pests
Aired 01/30/2020
There’s a developer that wants to build a brand new neighborhood right next to ours, but we’re worried it’s going to be disruptive. Can we oppose the development? – “Can They Do That?”
Opposing Development
Aired 11/26/2019
My neighborhood wants to amend leasing restrictions for the community. – “Can They Do That?”
Amend Leasing Restrictions
Aired 10/29/2019
Residents of a neighborhood were required to install fire alarm speakers in their bedrooms as part of association policy, but one couple refused. – “Can They Do That?”
Refusing Fire Alarm Installation
Aired 9/21/2019
A neighbor is flying a drone in your community and there are concerns he is spying on residents even though he assures the association that he has proper permits. – “Can They Do That?”
Drone Spying
Aired 8/28/2019
A neighbor is running a home business and customers are coming at all hours of the night, disrupting other homeowners. – “Can They Do That?”
Running a Home Business
Aired 7/24/2019
Can community associations force residents to leave during a storm? Can they turn off the power, leaving those who stay stranded? – “Can They Do That?”
Associations Forcing Residents to Leave During Storm
Aired 06/21/2019
Your association sent you a notice stating that they want to pool all reserve funds together because it will be more efficient. – “Can They Do That?”
Pooling Reserve Funds
Aired 5/16/2019
Your association is planning a big 4th of July party that also happens to be quite expensive. – “Can They Do That?”
Social Events as Common Expenses
Aired 4/17/2019
A neighbor’s unique emotional support animal is disturbing the entire building. They say it’s necessary. – “Can They Do That?”
Support Animal
Aired 3/22/2019
Walking around in the buff may be OK in your own place, but what happens if the neighbors complain. Can a condo association really make someone cover up in their own home? – “Can They Do That?”
Nudity in the Home
Aired 2/12/2019
Medical marijuana is now legal in Florida. Does that make it legal to smoke in a condo? – “Can They Do That?”
Marijuana in Condo
Aired 1/9/2019

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