Can They Do That? Video Series

Becker’s video series, tackles some of the unique problems that homeowners and renters face today. We answer questions, no matter how far-fetched they may seem. From service animals to nudists in your community, we get to the bottom of it and let you know – “Can They Do That?”

Episode 01: Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is now legal in Florida. Does that make it legal to smoke in a condo? Community associations across the state are asking, “Can They Do That?”

Aired 1/9/2019


Episode 02: Nudists

Walking around in the buff may be OK in your own place, but what happens if the neighbors complain. Can a condo association really make someone cover up in their own home? “Can They Do That?”

Aired 2/12/2019


Episode 03: Service Animals

A neighbor’s unique emotional support animal is disturbing the entire building. They say it’s necessary — but “Can They Do That?”

Aired 3/22/2019



Episode 04: Social Events

Your association is planning a big 4th of July party that also happens to be quite expensive. Rosa de la Camara discusses whether or not a community social event can be deemed a legitimate common expense.

Aired 4/17/2019


Episode 05: Pooling Your Community Association Funds Together

Your association sent you a notice stating that they want to pool all reserve funds together because it will be more efficient. “Can They Do That?”

Aired 5/16/2019


Episode 06: Can Associations Force Residents to Leave During a Hurricane?

Can community associations force residents to leave during a storm? Can they turn off the power, leaving those who stay stranded?  Community association members across the state are asking, “Can They Do That?”

Aired 06/21/2019


Episode 07: Visitors at All Hours of The Night

A neighbor is running a home business and customers are coming at all hours of the night, disrupting other homeowners. Community association members across the state are asking, “Can They Do That?”

Aired 7/24/2019


Episode 08: Drones in Your Community

A neighbor is flying a drone in your community and there are concerns he is spying on residents even though he assures the association that he has proper permits. This is raising the question, “Can They Do That?”

Aired 8/28/2019


Episode 09: Refusing to Install Fire Alarm Speakers

Residents of a neighborhood were required to install fire alarm speakers in their bedrooms as part of association policy, but one couple refused. “Can They Do That?”

Aired 9/21/2019


Episode 10: Amending Leasing Restrictions

My neighborhood wants to amend leasing restrictions for the community. “Can They Do That?”

Aired 10/29/2019


Episode 11: Adjacent Development Planned Next to Community

There’s a developer that wants to build a brand new neighborhood right next to ours, but we’re worried it’s going to be disruptive. Can we oppose the development? “Can They Do That?”

Aired 11/26/2019


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