How Planning Culminated in Significant Results

How Planning Culminated in Significant Results

I recently logged into my Facebook page and was provided with some past memories from a very joyful time in my life. The joy came from the culmination of a lot of hard work after a plan had been created to establish an objective.

The first thing I noted in my Facebook memory was my weight loss. I had set a goal to lose weight and had lost approximately 50 pounds over the course of several months of hard work. That weight loss did not happen overnight. It took a concerted effort and a plan. I found myself working out more and eating a little better. There was no magic pill, nor was there a new diet that helped me achieve my goal. It was simply following through and putting in the hard work on a simple plan to exercise a little more and eat a little better.

As part of the exercise portion of my weight loss journey I wanted to achieve a personal record in the Miami Half Marathon. I had previously run the race, but  wanted to run it with a little more purpose this time. So I prepared for that race more than I had in the past. The goal of beating my best time in the race was part of my plan to exercise a little more to help me lose some weight.

The Thursday before my half marathon, I concluded a four-day jury trial. My client was stressed during the course of that trial, but together, he and I had a plan for the litigation.

We had met at the start of the case and we prepared a detailed plan of attack. And at the conclusion of the trial my client was pleased with the results and thrilled that we had won.

We won because my client and I followed through on the plan of attack that we had implemented at the start of the case.

All of these events culminated at the same time. All of them had the same common theme – understanding and establishing what the goal was early on and then creating a plan to achieve that objective. Be it losing 50 pounds, winning a four-day jury trial, or running a half marathon, they all required the same necessary elements to succeed. They all needed an objective from the start. Then to accomplish that objective, a plan needed to be created. After we knew the objective, and after the plan was created, the work needed to be put in to follow through on the plan and meet the objective.

Litigation is time consuming and without a good plan it can also be very burdensome. But if you sit down at the start of the lawsuit and understand the issues, and implement a plan to address those issues, then it can be less daunting.

Indeed, one of the reasons why we were able to prevail at trial is because we had accomplished everything we wanted to during the discovery phase of the case since we knew what we needed to accomplish from the get-go.

These are all examples of not only proper planning but also illustrations of the results that can be achieved with the necessary follow through. Especially in the context of litigation where disputes can be hard fought and expensive.

If the appropriate plan is set forth at the start of the case, then the dispute does not have to be so expensive and daunting. Feel free to call me today to discuss running, weight loss, or your pending litigation. If you do, I am sure that together we should be able to devise a plan to help you accomplish one of your objectives.