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Lee Weintraub Returns from P3 Meeting in Kenya

Lee Weintraub Returns from P3 Meeting in Kenya

Becker shareholder and Public Private Partnership (P3) head, Lee Weintraub, recently traveled to Kenya at the request of the US Department of Commerce. Lee conducted several days of face-to-face training with the Kenyan government on key P3 issues. Topics included:

  • What are P3s
  • How to set up a P3
  • Benefits of P3s
  • How to structure the P3 deals including financing
  • Key strategies to maximize value of P3s
  • Obtaining international partnerships

For this round of meetings, Lee focused on issues relating to energy such as getting power through safari areas and getting energy to Kenya’s rural and remote regions. The next area of focus in Kenya is expected to be building roads.

Lee travels at the request of the Department of Commerce to discuss P3 in Asia and Africa. In 2019, Lee traveled to Asia to train the governments of eight Asian countries in P3s. His experience has included meetings with the President of the Maldives, Parliament of Nepal, and government officials in Singapore, Bangladesh and Mongolia. Further information can be found here.