Becker & Poliakoff

Brand Lobbying™

The Becker Federal Lobbying team includes Washington, D.C. insiders and Capitol Hill veterans. The team is highly regarded by Members of Congress and executive and committee staff members as effective advocates for their clients’ interests. Our lobbying team is politically diverse, which enables the members of our team to work successfully on both sides of the aisle. Because of their collective years of experience on Capitol Hill, they are skilled in identifying federal funding, programs, and services of critical interest to clients.

The team has pursued effective federal relations agendas to their successful conclusion, bringing in federal monies for projects of significant regional and national importance. These successes are the result of the close professional working relationships we have developed with key elected officials, congressional leaders, and members on the House and Senate Appropriations Committees. Furthermore, our years of congressional experience has resulted in long-standing professional relationships with staff members of many committees in the House and the Senate, which we are able to use to the benefit of our clients.

In addition, members of Becker’s local and state government practices have worked closely with House and Senate leaders, many of whom began their career in local and state government. The Federal lobbying team has extensive experience in issues relating to federal appropriations, heath care, higher education, homeland security, defense, taxation, alternative energy, local government issues, and international trade.

We differentiate ourselves by employing a creative approach that we call Brand Lobbying™. Instead of practicing emergency lobbying, or lobbying directed at a specific and oftentimes urgent issue, we seek to create long-term relationships between our clients and our target audience. We spend the majority of our time listening and educating so that when it is decision time for legislators there is seldom a need for a hard-sell – our clients are already top of mind.