Becker & Poliakoff

Data Privacy, Protection, & Cybersecurity

Over the last decade, the risks associated with privacy and data security have grown significantly. In response to these ever-growing challenges the U.S. and international privacy and data protection standards have grown complex.

Becker provides its clients with the practical advice necessary to navigate cybersecurity and data security issues. The team handles litigation, compliance and regulatory counseling and internal investigations. Our lawyers have experience assisting companies in ensuring that their data collection and processing practices, data transfer procedures, privacy policies, and marketing activities are compliant with the relevant domestic, international, privacy, and data security regulations and laws. We work with our clients to provide comprehensive advice and representation in all areas related to cybersecurity, data privacy and data security. We have a wealth of experience assisting in data and breach-related issues, data protection, information security, Internet and computer law, e-commerce, consumer protection, information management and records retention and responding to cybercrimes and network intrusions.

Areas of Focus

  • Cybersecurity Preparedness and Governance
  • Incident Response and Crisis Management
  • Regulatory Enforcement and Counseling
  • Data Protection and Data Privacy
  • Privacy-Related Class Action and Other Litigation