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Florida Condo Association Lawyers

Becker’s Florida condo association lawyers provide representation in compliance, legislative, transactional, and litigation matters.

Representing condo associations is at the core of our practice. It is how we got our name, and our Florid condo association lawyers’ names appear on many of the most influential court decisions in condo association law from the past five decades. Beyond litigation, we also represent condo associations in compliance, legislative, and transactional matters, and we operate as outsourced in-house counsel for many of our condo association clients.

Custom-Tailored, One-on-One Legal Advice for Condo Association Officers, Directors and Managers

Within our condo association practice, we pair each association with an assigned attorney. This assigned attorney serves as the point of contact for the association’s officers, directors and management. These individuals will get to know the association’s assigned attorney very well, as they will speak and exchange emails regularly. Whenever the association needs advice or representation in an area outside of the assigned attorney’s practice focus, this attorney will engage with other attorneys within the firm on the association’s behalf as necessary.

This approach ensures that each association we represent has ongoing direct access to an attorney who is intimately familiar with the association’s operations, management structure, and legal matters, while also ensuring that all of our clients can benefit from our attorneys’ collective experience and insights.

Our Legal Services for Florida Condo Associations

Our legal services for Florida condo associations address all aspects of an association’s formation, operations, and management. We routinely assist condo associations in the Sunshine State with matters including:

  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance – We advise condo associations regarding all aspects of legal and regulatory compliance. This includes compliance with local, state, and federal laws, rules, court rulings, and administrative decisions. While Chapter 718 of the Florida Statutes is among the primary laws impacting condo associations’ rights and obligations in the state, this is just one of the numerous laws with which Florida condo associations must comply.
  • Legislative Matters – Each Florida condo association lawyer at our firm is well known within the Florida Legislature. We are staunch advocates, and we regularly handle legislative matters for our clients. Through our Community Association Leadership Lobby (CALL) website,, our clients are able to connect directly with state legislators as well.
  • Formation and Governance – Proper entity formation and careful drafting of condo associations’ governing documents are essential for minimizing the risk of disputes and the risk of personal liability for officers and directors. Our lawyers help our clients make informed decisions about entity type and structure, carefully draft custom-tailored governance documents, and assist with maintaining and updating associations’ governance documents on an ongoing basis.
  • Financing, Insurance, and Related Matters – As a result of our experience representing condo associations for nearly 50 years, we are able to assist our clients with a broad range of matters not traditionally handled by other law firms. This includes debt and equity financing, insurance coverage and claims, and other fiscal and operational matters.
  • Risk Management – Risk management is critical for condo associations, not only for them to protect themselves, but also to protect the interests of the individual owners to whom they owe fiduciary responsibilities. By working closely with our clients on an ongoing basis, we are able to help our clients identify and address risks before they turn into liabilities.
  • Maintenance and Repairs – Maintenance and repair issues frequently involve (or lead to) disputes with individual unit owners. We help ensure that our clients are meeting their legal obligations, and we help our clients address unit owner concerns when they arise.
  • Condo Association Documentation – Our Florida condo association lawyers prepare all necessary documentation so our clients can manage their properties effectively and in compliance with Florida law. This includes the Declaration of Condominium, condo rules and regulations, notices, and a plethora of other documents.
  • Issues Involving Unit Owners – In addition to maintenance and repair disputes, we also advise and represent condo associations regarding all other issues involving unit owners. This includes everything from special assessments and collections to claims for breach of fiduciary duty and fraud.
  • Hurricane Preparedness and Response – In Florida, hurricane preparedness is an essential aspect of risk management for condo associations. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they are prepared when disaster strikes. When it does, we guide them through the response process.

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