International Customs and Trade

International trade involves numerous complex laws, regulations, policies and procedures. Our team has extensive experience in the legal and policy issues governing customs law, international trade law, food and cosmetics law, product licensing and related intellectual property issues. We understand the intricate governmental processes and help our clients avoid any unnecessary difficulties or delays. If some violation may have occurred, we work closely with our clients and the governmental agency to obtain a favorable resolution as quickly as possible. Our main goal is to help our clients be as competitive as possible in today’s global marketplace.

  • Assisted in applying and getting approval for one of the first alternative site framework applications (and many thereafter) for Port Miami’s Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) No. 281.
  • Assisted importer in a “pre-compliance” program reviewing intellectual property rights prior to importation and reporting the same to CBP proactively and thereby decreasing intensive examinations and detentions of merchandise by CBP.
  • Assisted importer in filing numerous successful Protests with CBP after receiving Requests for Information (CBP 28) and Notices of Action (CBP 29) from CBP for free trade agreement verification, resulting in continued duty free treatment of merchandise.
  • Assisted importer in obtaining the expedited release of time sensitive cargo detained by FDA. Regularly assist importers in successfully obtaining merchandise seized by U.S. CBP.
  • Assisted importer in filing voluntary disclosures to CBP for underlying violations of CBP regulations resulting in no additional penalties being assessed for violations.
  • Obtained importer permits and COLA approvals for alcohol and tobacco importers with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).
  • Successfully mitigated penalties from CBP for an underlying intellectual property rights violation. Examples include mitigating a $4,147,823.00 penalty down to $4,000.00, and a $395,225.00 penalty down to $37,320.00.


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