Becker & Poliakoff

Surety Bonds

The firm has experience in all aspects of sophisticated surety claims, as it represents large commercial sureties, bond principals, and institutional bond claimants. Surety law is particularly perilous to many bond claimants, as even seemingly small failures to provide proper notice or otherwise strictly comply with the requirements of the bond can result in the total discharge of the bond and the potential loss of millions of dollars.

Diverse and extensive representation of all participants in the surety claims process has allowed the firm to develop a comprehensive overview of all aspects of claims. This overview allows the firm to provide clear and effective guidance to bond claimants as they negotiate the claims process. When representing sureties, the firm is experienced in aggressively raising and pursuing all available surety defenses, as well as aggressively pursuing indemnity rights. When representing bond principals, the firm is experienced in protecting all rights and remedies available. A surety bond can be the single most important source of security available in the marketplace today. The firm has the experience and knowledge to protect that security.