“Uber, Lyft No-Show Sparks House Panel Talk Of New Regs,” Law360

“Uber, Lyft No-Show Sparks House Panel Talk Of New Regs,” Law360

Uber and Lyft skipped out on a hearing this week before a House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee panel, which has resulted in heightened scrutiny over the ride-hailing industry’s regulatory oversight.

Business Litigation Shareholder Mark Stempler, who previously represented a Broward taxicab company in a regulatory dispute with Uber, commented on the issue:

“There’s no one set of uniform rules that govern these companies, yet we’re seeing a lot of the same issues play out in the various communities — general employment issues or general safety issues — so the federal government is taking an interest in this [and] recognizing that though they can be localized issues, it’s become a national issue,” Mark said.

“Obviously like with any regulation in any industry, there is going to be apprehension and pushback from the major players,” he added. “But because these same issues with safety and labor have opened up in so many different communities, it might make sense to put a federal scheme in place to at least give some of the basic guidelines to govern this new and emerging industry.”

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