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What You Can Learn From Harry Potter About Your Legal Needs

What You Can Learn From Harry Potter About Your Legal Needs

Becker & PoliakoffTwenty years ago the Sorcerer’s Stone was first published in the United States. Since then millions have been captivated by both the Harry Potter books and movies. About a year ago, my children and I embarked on our own magical journey which none of us ever anticipated.

What started as a way to help put my kids to sleep at night turned into an obsession for me and my kids. It took us a year to get through all of the books and movies. But we did it. We finished all seven books and we saw all eight of the movies. If you visit me at my law office today you will find the elder wand sitting on my desk as well as a collection of other Harry Potter artifacts.

But the Harry Potter stories are so much more than just stories about a boy wizard growing up and learning to face off against the evil Lord Voldemort. The Harry Potter stories are built on a legal framework that is intricate, detailed and difficult to navigate. It also illustrates how even Harry Potter needed a true legal advocate in his corner because without one Harry Potter may have failed in his journey to battle against Lord Voldemort.

For instance, Harry Potter’s Godfather, Sirius Black, was wrongfully sentenced to life in prison without a trial. Put a different way, basic due process rights that we often take for granted here was simply not afforded to Sirius Black when he was wrongfully accused of certain crimes and then sentenced to life based entirely on those false accusations. Yet when it was time to address Severus Snape’s crimes during a trial following the aftermath of the first wizarding wars, it was Dumbledore who announced to the Ministry of Magic that Snape was not to be sentenced. Without Dumbledore’s presence, and advocacy, Snape would have surely been sent to prison just like Sirius Black.

Speaking of crimes, the Ministry of Magic is the governing body that oversees the wizarding world in all of the Harry Potter books. Much like our government, the Ministry of Magic is largely responsible for the passing, and enforcing, of various wizarding laws. That includes writing the rules and sentencing wizards for crimes committed. Indeed, the Ministry of Magic cited Harry Potter on a few occasions and accused Harry Potter of failing to follow the Ministry’s rules.

Navigating the wizarding world can be daunting to the untrained. Indeed it was for Harry Potter. Without Dumbledore by his side, he likely would have failed in defending himself against the Ministry of Magic.

But Dumbledore was more than just a mentor to Harry Potter. He was also his strongest legal advocate.

Like many seasoned attorneys, Dumbledore was well versed in the Ministry of Magic’s traditions and understood its laws. Harry Potter would have almost certainly been disciplined without Dumbledore’s skilled legal advocacy at that hearing. Without Dumbledore’s skill in navigating the legal systems within the Ministry of Magic, and at the hearing, Harry Potter would have surely been swallowed up at a young age by the Ministry and prevented from later facing his adversary, Lord Voldemort.

Today’s business climate can be just as challenging, and just as daunting, as that described in the Harry Potter books. Much like Harry Potter needed Dumbledore by his side, many businesses need a skilled legal advocate who knows how to navigate the legal system. If you wish to discuss the Harry Potter books, or films, or learn more about how I can help you with your legal needs, then please feel free to contact me.